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Spread the love: The best Valentines Day marketing strategies to increase unique visitors

The season of love and generosity, Valentine's day typically sees a surge in activity and sales online. An opportune time to maximise the potential of your creative marketing skills, by incorporating enticing giveaways, competitions, clever content ideas and emotional copywriting quips, you should make Valentines Day a key priority in your marketing calendar. 

Valentines day is not just for lovers, it's also an opportunity for brands to shower their loyal customers with affection.

Email marketing is a highly effective way of communicating with engaged audiences. Take the time to design a love-themed email, serenading those who invest in your business and providing them with valentines-centric voucher codes and exclusive offers. Portray these opportunities as your brand gifting back the loyalty your customers have shown you. A great way to grab the email receivers attention could be something as simple but striking as subject 'We think that you deserve to have it all this Valentines'. The click through rate on a header like this will increase engagement with your customer base, exponentially.

An effective marketing approach can take the form of a themed landing page, active for a limited amount of time only. Users can be guided to the web page via email mail outs and social media shares. Topical content keeps the day to day posting schedule diverse, inspiring potential customers to visit the novelty landing page. Married with a powerful incentive; For example offer the thousandth user to visit the love-themed landing page a product or service from your company, Valentines day's multifaceted marketing opportunities are boundless. Using games, a cute emoji cursor, a holding image or a short video are great ways to encourage unique visits, enticing those who previously may never have never displayed interest in your brand.

Put your customer front and centre stage. User-generated content is an organic way to promote the success of your company, as communicated by the customers who love the product. Flip the tables this valentines and platform the reviews, feedback and content your users have created in positive affirmation of your team's hard work. Creating a cyclical flow of appreciation, a 'share the love theme' can be established, which will allow the user who generated this content to feel equally valued and recognised. Social media is a great place to roll out this strategy, from retweets to Instagram stories.

TikTok, Instagram Reels are big right now so harness the power of short-form video. You could also create a fun, short valentines moving card to share on your wider socials, attach to an email and circulate internally. This can be a prime opportunity to inject a bit of fun and energy into the brand's personality. Just a five-second clip can create a lasting impression which will allow your business to feel memorable and approachable.

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