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Wellbeing at work and protecting our mental health

Work/life balance. It’s a topic that (thankfully) society is starting to talk more about, particularly in the aftermath of lockdowns - as the consequences of COVID meant that mental health took a bit of a hit on a global scale. However, despite this emerging awareness, many of us seem to be addicted to 10-hour+ working days, constantly refreshing emails outside of work, and lots of caffeine.

Looking after our mental health is invaluable, but many business owners feel like they must be working 24/7 for their business to survive. Actually, it’s the opposite! Freeing up your jam-packed schedule to make space for ‘down time’ is really important not just for the individual, but for the business. In this episode of ‘Behind the Madness’, James, Paul, and Jamie explore why this is so important, and how supporting your wellbeing can excel growth, rather than hinder it.

As James points out early on, overworking ourselves can lead to costly and fatal business errors. If we’re tired, under-slept, and burned out, then trying to give our full focus to important tasks can feel impossible. Taking that time out is going to be beneficial for your business in the long run. The more well-rested and rejuvenated you are after a break, the more well-equipped you’ll be to go again. We all know this, and this isn’t new information. But sometimes when we have an extremely busy week, or a day filled with back-to-back meetings, taking well-needed breaks from work can be guilt-inducing. 

The conversation flows to the very valid point that we shouldn’t have to feel guilty about this. It should be as simple as taking a step back to safeguard our mental health without the guilty repercussions.


Small acts such as a five-minute coffee break in the garden or going for a walk at lunchtime, can go a long way. The three discuss what they do in their day, to recharge while working from home. James and Paul suggest things like having lunch away from their desks and keeping their work life separate from their family life by having designated workspaces within their home.

Want to start work at 10 am so you can take the dog for a walk? Or take five minutes to hang the washing out? Want to finish work at 3 so you can pick the kids up from school? Altering work schedules slightly should be normalized, suit the individual. Effective time management is designing a schedule that is tailored to you - a schedule that considers your deadlines as well as the needs of your personal life and health. Perhaps a 9-5 week might be a dream for Person A, but Person B (or James) might work best at 6 am. A deadline is a deadline. After it’s met on time, it doesn’t matter how you got there. 

James, Paul, and Jamie also cover the importance of keeping your brain active. Many successful CEOs have hobbies to keep their brains in an active state. Replacing work-related thoughts with a mentally stimulating hobby is one of the most productive and mentally refreshing things you can do.

Running a business can feel like you’re juggling plates 24/7. And now that our working world can be far easier accessed from our personal world, the importance of a work/life balance is prevalent now more than ever. As a business owner, protecting your mental wellbeing at work is a vital factor of your business running smoothly. So, mastering your time management and allowing yourself some breathing space really is a fundamental aspect of running a business - and after adopting some of these useful habits, the benefits will speak for themselves.

Did you find this episode interesting? Method releases regular podcasts just like this one, all led by James Roberts (CEO). ‘Behind The Madness’ covers a plethora of business management and marketing topics which contain plenty of beneficial advice, tips, and inspirational insights to help growth using out-the-box thinking and organic, efficient methods. So if you haven’t already, have a listen to the rest of the series let us know your thoughts. Watch this space for the next episode!

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