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New podcast - Behind The Madness: Episode 1

Grow your company well. In the debut episode of our brand new podcast series, Method CEO James Roberts discusses how to maximise productivity and creativity, while working through a crisis.

Exploring the obstacles pitched against us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, both emotionally and professionally, James constructively offers up his personal advice alongside his expert colleagues. Delivering strategies to help improve your companies digital marketing efforts, James promotes the importance of a fair work/life balance. By comparing and contrasting different business mentalities and strategies, this relatable and informal podcast dissects the very detail of generating income and keeping your clients engaged while the economy and our socialisation is limited. Stressing the importance of content being key, now that our primary focus day to day is staying at home, with time to browse online plentiful, the overriding messages of positivity are here to inspire everyone to embrace home working!


Taking the format of a four-point question and answer discussion, James explains why working through this crisis, as opposed to against it or simply not at all, will help you become more robust, adaptable and ultimately successful. It is a time to see how the limitations forced upon us can become an opportunity to change the way we do business and grow further than before.

In upcoming episodes Method will tackle current issues, providing solutions within marketing, design and social networking with business. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our blog content.

Please drop us some feedback below for any particular questions or issues you would like to hear James tackle.

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