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Behind The Madness gets social

Over the past year, with COVID 19 making our working lives increasingly socially isolated, the importance of diversifying our digital presence has become increasingly important.

Businesses have been forced to adapt to and accommodate the restrictive parameters the pandemic have imposed, which in turn has facilitated the evolution of our social media strategies. The evolution of social media has come to demand a far more complex skillset than a simple posting schedule.

Method's youngest team member and social media manager Jamie Rymer jumps onto our podcast, ‘Behind The Madness’ with friend and Method CEO James Roberts to explore every essential detail a brand manager needs to know about social media communications. This podcast aims to enable businesses to strategise their own unique, current, effective, successful and informed approach to social media communications. From metrics to mission statements, new platforms and app features, Jamie gives us the complete 411 on the who, what, when, where and why to post pictures, reels, blogs or tweets.

Focussing on business founders, startup CEOs, marketing teams, entrepreneurs and students, Jamie and James dissect the pros and cons of various assets such as targeted ads and boost buttons which cost a lot but do not deliver on either likes or sales.

Jamie's expertise is centred predominately on catering to well-defined buyer personas and pain points. Focussed on developing the know-how to attract an audience that engages and interacts, as opposed to following without any traction, Jamie explains why credibility and integrity is the new currency in the world of social media. Discussing his tactics for developing a successful brand through the use of social media, Jamie states, 'everything comes down to helping people and not just on trying to make a sale. As soon as a brand realises this, its platforms credibility will improve exponentially.'

Listen in to learn more from the masters of social media science, then adopt their advice to watch your platforms flourish and grow.