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Social media, what you didn't know

With the collateral of three billion users actively engaged across the evolving stratosphere of social media, content is King, and consistency is Queen. With short-form video popularity exploding over the past year, TikTok has quickly established itself as the fastest growing social media platform at the present time.

We are currently spending an average of four hours interacting with social media platforms every day. How do we know all of this? Method's in-house social media guru Jamie shares his expert understanding of the busy world of online engagement. Jamie explains how attention is currency when growing your online community, from gauging the optimum time to post content to understanding demographics and comprehending pain points.

Placed on the spot by Method's founder and Behind the Madness curator James, Jamie eloquently explains how important it is not to forget the social element behind posting content and he explores why quality is always better than quantity. Just as we want our audience to show up and support our posts, we too as curators, have a responsibility to deliver engaging, authentic, original content that fosters an active and interested community.

Discussing how light-hearted content is as useful as information-dense, educational posts, James is challenged to choreograph his very own TikTok dance-inspired reel. If you've never seen our big cheese dad dance you haven't lived! Keep your eyes peeled on Method's socials for this highly anticipated post and share, like and comment when it pops up on your feed!

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