Episode 7 - How the Little Gin Company adapted to COVID-19

The art of success is rooted in adaptability. Within change comes to the opportunity to evolve, and through evolution, intuition and agility flourish.

Independent Stratford-upon-Avon based start-up, The Little Gin Company, had no choice but to think laterally when lockdown came into full force this year. Launching virtual tasting sessions and cocktail making events, providing clients with a bespoke package of premium gins and mixers,


Company founders, Emma and Nicola, bottled up their own blend of fun, pouring enthusiasm into their online Zoom parties, to reinvent the way they offered up their delicious drinks. Serving  Method's owner, James, with four hefty double measures of The Little Gin Company signature gins and mixes, the founders discuss why they decided furlough was never an option for them and how they embraced the challenge of creating good times for their customers remotely, regardless of the hugely limiting COVID-19 hospitality restrictions. Relatable and educational, this episode of Behind The Madness explores how changing the business model, to adapt to this new virtual world can strengthen a business model as opposed to threaten revenue.

So sit back, chuck a strong double shot of your finest tipple into a chilled tumbler and enjoy the optimism and ingenuity building around us, during this unforgiving era.

Here's to enduring today, so we may succeed tomorrow, cheers.

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