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Business in 2022, what's new?

Brew the tea, mute your phone and focus, this weeks ‘Behind The Madness’ podcast episode is out. We bring together friends and core Method team members: digital marketing guru Paul, social media man Jamie and big cheese CEO James.

Discussing the importance of adding value to your brand, talking Metaverse and reflecting on how COVID has transformed innovation and invention for the better, James, Jamie and Paul muse on the abundance of opportunities that lie ahead in 2022. Dissecting the things that have had a profound impact on brands both old and new over the past 24 months, James, Jamie and Paul explore how businesses have survived the oppressive effect of lockdowns and social distancing rules, in contrast with the benevolent climate which awaits new brands during the year ahead. 

Transforming the customer experience away from bots and back to human interaction, the digital experience looks set to become more diversified and authentic than ever before. With a seismic shift away from simply locking in empty sales to offering bespoke solutions to problems, building brand loyalty is the key currency that promises wealth, health and happiness. Looking beyond making money and aspiring to inspire 5 star Google reviews, investing in the user experience is more important than ever. Where previously influencers were paid millions to push products on the grid, brands are now evolving their social commerce spaces and retailing their products via their own socials and micro-influencers. Brands are investing in their own unique vision, moving away from riding on the coattails of major influencer success.

It's an exciting time for business, with more space for growth than ever before. Thinking of launching your start-up? Well bookmark this page and implement Method's advice. Success is just one good idea away.

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