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Content marketing and e-commerce

Content marketing within e-commerce creates a natural space for your brand to platform and contextualise product or service USP's. Highlighting the companies strengths to both more generalised and target audiences, blog posts, tailor-made software, apps, listicles and videos can simultaneously educate and entertain your audiences; demonstrating strength and diversity.

A supremely economical and traffic savvy tool used to cultivate and engage interactive audiences, intelligent content marketing builds a brand's identity. The most successful and progressive brands mastering the intuitive art of content marketing within e-commerce, are those that engage personally with their audience. For example, certain brands within the beauty and fashion industry have created software that allows the consumer to upload images of themselves so they can virtually try on makeup, glasses, or outfits. Diet food/lifestyle companies create communities that enable users to interact with other users to share experiences and motivation, to feel recognised. Appealing to the consumer's values and individuality sits at the very heart of strong content marketing.

By validating your customer's uniqueness, you see the person behind the sale, and therefore encourage them to feel a part of something more than a simple sales interaction. The consumer/buyer relationship can now begin to flourish. This two-way channel then feeds information back to your brand, detailing the profile of your audience from a broad, information-rich perspective. E-commerce is about persuasion, not dictation. Speak with your customer as opposed to firing one-dimensional narratives. Cultivating a political response to environmental issues or current affairs can be an appropriate focus for content marketing. Opting in favour of well-strategised risks to engage and identify with your customer on a deeper level, to inspire unity over a matter of importance strengthens your ability to speak authentically to your customers. This, in turn, has a very positive effect on the long term profitability of a brand.

Organic food outlets and vegan lifestyle companies commonly comment on shifting tides within our environment and culture, with charitable donations shared and received well amongst their communities. Profiling the real-life success stories of your audiences can be a useful strategy for cementing relationships with customers. Success stories built from your brands grassroots influence, demonstrates the ethical investment or solution a company has provided. Through spotlighting the humanitarian qualities, championed by your products or services, a reassuring sense of trust and empathy resonates with the audience. Storytelling will align your potential customers with your existing clients.

At Method we value the tender and memorable touches we are entrusted with providing for our much-valued customers. From wedding stationery to logos and branding for independent local boutiques, through the sharing of these moments on social media or capturing a beautiful scene from an event we collaborated to help realise, we live to celebrate the successes and triumphs of our creativity with the customer.  At the centre of well strategised and executed content marketing within e-commerce, is originality. Be authentic and think ahead of the curve, then hyperlink, populate copy with SEO keywords and consider how best to hyperlink your socials with everything you list at your shop.

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