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Increase organic traffic to your blog

The power of ranking within the top ten of a search engines front page is far-reaching. Online audiences attribute confidence to a website which is high ranking enough for search engines to recommend them as a verified source.

Increasing organic traffic to your website is a highly effective way to generate traffic and encourage user loyalty. Organic searches drive 51% of traffic, with an added 40% of revenue yielded as a result.

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So what are the most successful ways to drive organic traffic? First, and foremost an intelligent online marketing strategy is key. The business marketing matrix; produce, price, place and promotion of the product needs to be mastered, alongside a solid plan to underline the fundamental strengths of your mission statement. So from this, a refining process can be conceptualised, to establish what content directs the most online traffic and sustains interest. Be brutal. Scrutinise the content which switches your audiences off, performs poorly on hits and does not engage your wider potential custom base with the business. By stripping away deadweight, premium content is promoted, and the quality of your marketing is streamlined. Identifying non-performing content can be done using software analytic tools; many sites such as Wordpress have these built-in. Google Analytics provides advanced tools to allow businesses to gain a deeper understanding of usability to improve an audience's experience.

Be aware of the specific keywords which drive content to your site and maximise their use in your copy. Keep a spreadsheet of these and regularly impress the vocabulary during meetings, cascade keywords to your employees throughout emails. These should be used on socials, throughout presentations, in job advertisements and of course, in content. Consistently update these language spreadsheets to remain relevant. If your content is trend or technology-driven, your keywords mustn't become outdated. Ensure you are linking to the most current dialect. Archaic language will quickly switch your most popular content to non-performing.

Hyperlinking the content on collaborative sites you work alongside is a smart way of seeding your content out to generate organic traffic flowing back. Ensure you have hyperlinked website content on your blogging and social sites. Feed everything cyclically into your website, blog and socials, the longer you hold the audiences attention on your page, the more likely you are to generate sales.

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Optimising click-through rates (CTR) is of crucial importance to remaining relevant; this will naturally encourage increased traffic to the site. Commonly overlooked in marketing strategies, boosting increased CTR is a natural way to maximise search engine optimisation (SEO) and maximise your search engine results pages (SERP) hits. Listicles are another an ideal way to condense information and engage with your audience. Consider your titles carefully, focussing on emotion and descriptive language.

Don't be afraid to experiment with content. Tailor your posts to increase the uptake of organic traffic and analyse how this shifts as trends and economic climate changes the whys, wheres, and who's of your audience. Congratulate those in the team who contribute to the companies success, encourage targets, offering rewards if new traffic levels are achieved. Most importantly have fun with it.

Driving organic traffic is a finely tuned blend of intelligent marketing, intuition and confidence.

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