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Make your marketing emails work

Emails are a wonderful way to communicate, but did you know that over 100 trillion of them are sent each year, globally?

On average, each professional individual gets around 100 every day.

Phew! How do we work through that lot?

But emails do work

With 58% of people checking their emails before doing anything else online, emails remain a highly effective and low-cost marketing tool.

And 80% of businesses continue to use them as a key inbound growth marketing tool.

They do work.

Content and strategy

The key to getting it right is creating an effective email strategy (or email funnel) with great content.

An email funnel is a series of automated emails that ‘tease and please’ your prospects.

Engage, help & inform

Each marketing email you send must give your prospective customers something helpful and informative - and therefore nudge them one step closer to starting a conversation with you.

To put it simply, it’s all about giving your prospects the right information in the right way so that they think… ‘Wow, these people really understand me and my problems. They also appear to have a great solution to my problems. I really must speak to them.’

Then, once you’ve got them on the phone or sitting in front of you, you’re all set to build a professional relationship.

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Support and give

Here’s a quick heads up outlining the various stages in the email funnel.

1: Identify your best audience (based on creating buyer personas) and the problems they face

2: Outline how your product or service solves these problems

3: Create or update your email contacts list

4: Send great value email content with clickable headers and links to free giveaways that also capture names and contact details (helpful e-books, newsletters, webinars, apps, business tools, etc.)

5: Develop the relationship by continuing to provide informative and sector-specific information.

Within this process you may also offer free trials, discounts, live demos or consultations.

We're here for you

Here at Method, we’ve helped 100's of organisations open doors to fresh profitable business relationships.

The starting point is typically the email funnel and we are here to guide and help you through the process.

Like to know more about how fresh email marketing can boost your business?

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