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Method - who, what, why

Welcome to our new site!

We’d like to kick off the new launch with a revisit as to exactly who we are. It’s been some time since our branding had a little TLC. We’re a growth agency who make a genuine difference to our client’s businesses, formulating solutions to real problems; all executed with a light-hearted, human approach. We found that the boldness of our new logo, in conjunction with softer elements of our new branding reflects our impact and work ethic more accurately.

We're aiming for solutions that are smarter, so we've also upped the level of user personability for our site. Our vision is to create a site that's uniquely tailored to the individual user, to achieve optimum user experience. It’s a vision that we’re continuing to work on, but it’s definitely an exciting leap in the right direction.

So, in alignment with the launch, we’d like to point the arrow back towards ourselves and revisit the core foundations of Method. Who we are, what we do, and why we do it. For clients old, clients new, and for everyone who finds our content useful to learn a thing or two about business growth.


Fresh out of university, and having just completed a degree in Graphic Design, I had spent some time idealising and nursing the brand name ‘Method’ under multiple business hypotheticals. Originally a design agency, I started Method offering design work for company’s logos and branding. But what had originally established as a design start-up many moons ago, has now metamorphosized into a fully-fledged growth agency.

As our bank of skill sets has grown over the years, we are now able to specialise in growth in a much more multi-faceted way. And in recent times, we’ve become a partner with HubSpot, which has allowed us to offer marketing services that target a more refined niche. We couldn’t advocate the benefits of HubSpot more as it allows us to help our clients with inbound marketing. We spend valuable time getting to know exactly what it is that makes our client’s customers tick – so that the implementation of inbound marketing can be as effective as possible. That is, the marketing can be more tailored to the exact buyer personas - meaning that time spent on formulating solutions will achieve actual results.


We’re a friendly lot, who work in this industry because we genuinely want to. As productive as it would be to do 10 things at once, it takes a whole load of skill sets and a mixed bag of creativity to execute our intentions for our clients. We not only formulate the solution, but we carry it out and see it through. We’re a network of interlinking disciplines that range from graphic design, web development, marketing management, photography, social media management, and content creation - all underneath the overarching umbrella of business consultancy and growth.

We’re a laid back and approachable bunch, and we’re always available for chats with our clients. We’re informal, and we like to have a laugh – but equally, we work hard to get the results we set out to achieve. And as a team, we’re friends and family as much as we are colleagues. Our Creative Director, Laura is my wife, whilst Paul was the best man at my wedding. I keep the work ethic light-hearted and comedic, appropriating the perfect balance of working hard and enjoying life.

We’re all about transparency, and we don’t sell false promises to make money quick. We offer honest and genuine solutions to niche problems, presenting a realistic timeframe. We’re fair and real, and we don’t sell you something you don’t need.

We’re also not about the 9-5 life. It’s old, it’s outdated. All that matters are three things: decent Wi-fi, correct equipment, and completed deadlines. If these things are met, it doesn’t matter to me if the job gets done on the moon. We’re all about flexible working and choosing hours that mould around our lifestyles. Some of us have home offices, I start work at 6 am, and some of us travel around the world while working remotely.

Have a listen to our new podcast, with strategies and tips to help your company  grow.

We’re not all based in Worcester. We believe that to be fully flexible, means complete autonomy of when and where you work. We maximise and optimise working solutions that fit us. Want to work in your pyjamas at 2 am? Want to finish work in time to pick the kids up from school? Go for it. We’re advocates of choosing a working style that suits us as individuals. The flexibility allows us to be completely autonomous, as flexibility and independence reap better results and lead to a better work-life balance and that helps our mental health also.

There’s nothing quite like the good, old-fashioned face to face meeting though. We make sure we do this monthly, joining all our heads together to unpack new creative ideas, plan the monthly schedule ahead – and of course, have a good old natter with a cuppa, whilst filming a Tips with Tea of course. We find this is extremely beneficial, as it allows our creativity to really flourish, allowing us to bounce fresh ideas off one another to think up innovative solutions. 

Method: What?

So, what exactly do we do?

In essence, we help start-ups, small/medium business owners and marketing managers achieve their growth goals. Our services interlink and shift between brand awareness, logo design, consultancy, and marketing services – depending on what our client needs to hit those growth targets. After identifying where your business is sat, we analyse just how we can market your business the most effective.

Our services range from

Versatile and flexible, we try and keep our services quite broad, because no two businesses are the same and we’re always happy to branch out to help in new ways that would spark further business expansion. We really get to know our clients, getting to the nitty-gritty of what their business needs to grow - so that we can assess exactly how to help. We aim to increase the value of our client’s businesses and help them with real problems that they actually have. 

We recognise that there is no one solution for all businesses – each client is unique, so the approach to achieving growth might be multi-dynamic. Over time we have also built a repertoire bank of free online educational resources, covering a variety of platforms to suit the individual. Our website is stocked with downloadable resources, podcasts, and a weekly blog. We’ve also jumped on social media’s short-form video bandwagon with our weekly ‘Tips with Tea.’ We aim for a relaxed yet information-rich approach to our educational material, to ensure that our watchers, listeners, and readers aren’t twiddling their thumbs too much when they listen to us. We keep our content current and keep up to date with the industry to ensure that our services can keep ahead of the marketing world.


Achieving growth as a small/medium business, or as a marketing manager of a small company can seem daunting. It can seem like a bit of an uphill battle, especially if most of the weight falls on your shoulders alone.

Over time, I realised I wanted to offer services that went much deeper than just surface-level branding. Because it’s all very well dedicating the time to conduct a client’s web functionality and create a company aesthetic – but executing the launches of said branding in a strategic way, was equally as important as the brand creation itself.

A pattern emerged here - we realised that lots of companies had an idea of how to achieve their goals as a business but required help with just how to go about achieving these goals. We realised we could help our clients with more than aesthetics, so we expanded and tailored our services to really access the nitty-gritty of business growth. For our clients, the interconnectedness of branding and growth can now come from one streamlined source: us. With both business growth consultancy and a variety of digital branding services both stemming from the same seed – there reduces the risk of the all-too-familiar miscommunication dead end.

We like to think of ourselves as the 'fully flexible staff member'; the all-rounders; the fresh pair of eyes; the growth gurus, and the fully flexible staff member who is always on hand for the things you just don't have time for.

The ever-changing world around us is hard to keep up with. Marketing in the digital age is constantly morphing into new ideas and technologies. Blink and you miss it. So it seems rather handy to have a team of growth specialists on hand - who are one step ahead of the game, formulating logical methods within the seemingly chaotic digital madness.

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