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Tackle analysis paralysis

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Tackle analysis paralysis

Isn't it crazy how our lives are one long intricate chain of decisions?

The only things our early human ancestors had to decide were centred around the simplicity of survival. Now, we have a whole myriad of decisions to make every day.

We are spoiled for choice - from which shower gel to buy, to what we watch on Netflix.

We're more aware of time pressure, and we want to make sure we spend our time on the right decision.

It can take longer to decide on a Netflix show than actually watching the series itself.

Imagine you're scrolling, choosing something to watch, it's an investment, which show will you enjoy the most? How long until you're invested in the characters? Is the trailer true to the content? With endless thumbnails all competing to claw at our attention, the whole selection process can take longer than your viewing time.

In a world where time is currency, we're dedicating time to watching something that we may or may not enjoy.

Having choices is a luxury. But is the abundance of choice really as much of a luxury as it seems?

Analysis paralysis

When we're faced with too many options, it can be daunting. This can put us in a state of decision paralysis, or 'analysis paralysis.'

Analysis paralysis leads to one of two things: inaction or dissatisfaction.

Overthinking a situation over and over can leave you chasing your own tail.

The human mind can only process a limited amount of information before it becomes overwhelmed.

So when the stakes are higher than wasted time on a Netflix show, it can be hard to make decisions. Especially if the decision has significant consequences - like investing money or hiring for a crucial position in your company.

So, how can you tackle the decision paralysis and come up with a strategy to decide?

How to make a decision

How to make a big decision when you're spoiled for choice:

  • Limit your options
  • Skip the decision, visualise the end point
  • Break down the decision into smaller parts
  • Establish a deadline
  • Get advice from other people
  • Reflect

Limit your options

The less choice we have, the better.

The world provides us with an abundance of choice. While it might seem like a nice idea to have more options - it actually limits us, and can lead to overthinking.

Whittle down your choices to as little as possible. The less you have to choose from, the more manageable the decision making.

Visualise the end point

Have your end goal in mind. Picture what you want after you've made the decision, and visualise the future as though you've already made it.

Setting clear goals will guide you to choices that align with your business objectives.

Break the decision down

Break down larger decisions into smaller, more manageable parts. This reduces the pressure and simplifies the process.

Ask yourself...

  • What are my top priorities?
  • Which option best aligns with my long-term goals?
  • What are the potential risk and benefits of each option?
  • Do I have enough information and advice to make an informed choice?
  • What would be the impact of not making a decision at all?

Establish a deadline

Put a time limit to speed up the decision process.

Try and strike a healthy balance: Be realistic in your timing and don't rush yourself, but also adds a healthy amount of stress.

Seek advice

Sometimes getting a fresh perspective on the situation can be the most invaluable thing you do.

Gather insights from experts or mentors who can provide an outside perspective and valuable expertise.


Review previous successful decisions to boost confidence and use them as a touchstone for current choices.

Need some decision-making Methods?

Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes. Whether it's your branding, website, or you just want a few growth tips to help impact your decision, Method are your decision making side kicks.

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Decision paralysis does not have to stall your business growth. Focus on what truly matters, and confidently make choices that drive your business forward.

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