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Why Sept, Oct and Nov are the marketing months that matter

So, you’ve just got back to work after the summer holiday and you need to hit the ground running.

The good news is, your clients and prospects will be in the same frame of mind.

Here’s how to boost your marketing during the key months of September, October and November.

Revitalise and extend

Your marketing activity in September should be a mix of planning and delivery. Your aim is to revitalise your existing customer and prospect relationships.

So, call your clients and ask them about any changes they’ve made to their business, about their aims and plans ‘in the run-up to Christmas’ and the challenges they currently face. Within this, it would be great if you have a package or price offer for them.

When it comes to your prospects, you need to remind them that you are on their side.

Give them a call, send them helpful update emails, ensure they’re getting your monthly newsletter, encourage them to download your eBook and really focus your social media messages for them.

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Also, in September, you may plan lead generation activity around key dates and events such as:

September - The first day of autumn.

October - UK clocks go back, Diwali and Halloween (and this year, of course, the planned British EU exit).

November - Bonfire Night and Remembrance Sunday.

December - Cyber Monday, the winter solstice, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

And many more.

Do some research and see what events and dates are relevant for your audience.

The run-up to Christmas and 2020

During October and November, you’ll be capitalising on the conversations you had in September. Look for quick-win ways to deliver a new piece of work (or additional product sales) for your existing customers - or an initial piece of work (or first product sale) for your prospects.

If these ‘quick-wins’ are successful, you’re then set up to build on this work and forge deeper relationships into the coming year.

So, focus that post-holiday energy and go for it, you’ll end 2019 on a high and start 2020 with a bang.


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