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5 Reasons you don't need a CRM in 2023

Customer Relationship Management systems are automatic systems that make your life a million times easier. They are an automatic digital log of every lead or customer's interaction with your company. They collate all the tools you need in one place, allowing you to find information easily.

But easy is boring.

Here are a few reasons why CRMs should mean nothing more to you than three random syllables. Swanky marketing companies are wearing the three-letter abbreviation like it’s the latest pair of shoes - but your company works just fine without it.

So, whether you’re thinking of ditching your new CRM, or you’re just not interested at all - then we'll tell you why you don’t need a CRM in 2023.

1. You’re an Excel warrior

CRMs collate all your customer data in one central location. But for some of you hardcore 'Excellers', this is just too easy.

We get it. If you know Excel like the back of your hand, and nothing beats manually trawling through rows and rows of customer data on a good old-fashioned spreadsheet, then sure go for it!

Spice up your already-busy schedule with a bit of extra data hunting. Missed your lunch break? Never mind, at least you managed to manually dig out those interactions from a high-paying customer making a complaint regarding a matter from 6 months ago. That’s far more fulfilling than any tuna sandwich and a packet of Walkers.

2. You don’t want all your customer details to be automatically logged onto a computer

Do you get a real kick out of making your customers unhappy? Ditch the CRM, and they’ll be frustrated with your business forever!

If you get a thrill from frantically flicking back through your ancient handwritten Post-its, readjusting your mic wire with a sweaty palm, and mumbling something about ‘technical difficulties’ to your frustrated customer, then forget about CRMs. By keeping all the info separate, you’ll find yourself scrambling around to find which member of sales previously dealt with the complaint. Keep your customer waiting on hold a bit longer while you fumble for a vague overview of their previous interactions - what’s another 20 minutes of repetitive jazz hold music?

3. You don’t want cross-communication within your company departments

CRMs allow you to automatically log all data from each department, on one unified platform. That means any member of staff, from any relevant department, is able to access the information instantaneously. But again - that makes life way too easy.

Why should sales and marketing ever talk to one another? Each department does a separate job, so they should stick to their own roles right? You don’t want your departments to communicate with one another as a team when they have different jobs. And if they need to communicate regarding a client, isn't that what virtual chats are for?

Synergy isn't that important as the marketing multiverse says so.

The member of sales who dealt with your lead has taken a week of annual leave. But that's okay, we can leave the prospect waiting for a bit longer and send them some overdue email content in a couple of weeks time when your colleague is back. What's more, all of your employees love returning to work after a week of sun and cocktails in Majorca to a queue of colleagues requesting to know the contents of their sales call with prospects from 3 weeks ago.

4. You'd rather manually track leads

CRMs have in-built automation technology which allows you to prioritize leads. That means these systems will allow you to figure out which leads to work on first, meaning you can organise your schedule logically. Plus, you'll be able to spend time generating some engaging content for particular leads, reflected by the data you've collected.

Does the lead automation system sound too robotic to you? If you'd rather just pick and choose randomised leads to engage with, depending on how you're feeling that day - then do what works for you!

5. You want your company to remain stagnant

Who likes change?

Going through change is like having a comfy blanket ripped off you on a cold winter morning. No thanks.

If implementing new systems is an uncomfortable adaptation phase then it’s not worth all the teething. Plus, getting a CRM means hefty growth. And we all know what that means. New clients, new staff, more assets. Upsizing. Even the financial gains are just numbers on a screen.

You’re happy with the way things are, and 2023 is just another year to tick off.

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