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How HubSpot helps your business 'win friends and influence people'

It would be too much of a stretch for us to make a link between inbound marketing and Dale Carnegie’s much loved 1936 book - How to Win Friends and Influence People?

Although this self-help classic contains pearls of wisdom such as ‘Read a good book on the sexual side of marriage’ – winning friends and then influencing them, is at the heart of any inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways that your business can gain and then keep customers - and here at Method we’re huge fans of the HubSpot platform.

The HubSpot ethos for inbound marketing is to Attract, Engage and then Delight your prospects.

In a nutshell, this means getting visitors to your business’s website, keeping them there and subsequently turning them into customers or - better still, evangelists.

So how does HubSpot achieve this?

A true one-stop shop

HubSpot is as comprehensive as it gets for inbound marketing strategies.

Here is just a selection of what it can help you do:

  • Provides the tools to entice visitors via engaging content
  • Assistance with optimising your content for SEO purposes — no more studying the latest book on SEO trends only to find it obsolete two weeks later!
  • Allows you to start a dialogue with prospects via chat or email functionality
  • Deliver the highest-quality bespoke customer service via HubSpot’s intuitive ticketing and CRM systems
  • Enables you to access to detailed information on each prospect’s interactions with your site - helping you to engage with them in a more organic way
  • Automate processes including emails and social media posts
  • Simple, integrated workflows to allow you to keep track of your strategy
  • Integration with useful apps and services, such as GoToWebinar and Facebook Ads.

Now you may have noticed a glaring and unforgivable omission from this list.

So yes, it is true that HubSpot is not yet able to come to your office and make all the teas and coffees and pass round the Hobnobs - but we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see this added in a future version.

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All that functionality - yet user-friendly too

You could be forgiven for thinking that any platform this comprehensive would be daunting and difficult to navigate - but whether using the web or app versions HubSpot is clear and user-friendly. Basically, it’s designed with non-techies in mind.

They also provide a raft of useful tutorials for anything you might be struggling with.

And how did they make it so easy to use?

They got someone drunk and let them loose on the site!

No, seriously, The User Is Drunk principle is that a smart person does not become stupid after a few drinks - they simply become more impatient and irritable. Thus, the canny HubSpot team are quick to spot any User Experience flaws in a site.

It’s all there!

Any firm looking to adopt or improve an inbound marketing strategy should look no further than Method - your HubSpot delivery partners.

We will help your business win friends and influence them, increasing efficiency and saving time.

Whether you choose to spend that time following the rest of Dale Carnegie’s sage advice is of course, entirely up to you!

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