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Anatomy of perfect Instagram profile

Allowing users to curate content which represents a personal or professional brand through a flattering filter and poised angle, Instagram presents a whole world of marketing opportunities.

With 500 million users logging on daily and trending hashtags dictating the success of new product releases and brand strategies, entire businesses can be built from a single Instagram account.

With every 'like' experienced by a user, dopamine is released, making the engagement with the platform addictive.
Harnessing the power of Instagram will attract a community of followers expanding the reach of the brand exponentially.

Getting Noticed

The most effective ways to network your brand's content begins with an intelligent, attractive profile. The username should be memorable, if you opt for a name other than your brand, or a play on the brand name; a short, semantic word or two, nothing over three words is perfect. Your username should be recognisable and searchable.

Looking Good

A clear, uncomplicated profile picture which depicts the logo or identity of the business is ideal. Vivid colours and high quality jpegs will allow followers to quickly identify your account when you are posting, messaging and liking posts. Instagram automatically crops your profile photo into a circle to the sizing of 110 pixels in diameter, when uploaded into the profile picture icon. The circle sized image does not need to be created independently. Regardless of the size uploaded, the image will automatically have the corners cropped away. The minimum profile picture size for Instagram is 110 x 110 pixels. Remain shy of 200 x 200 pixels to avoid a pixelated image.

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Picture Perfect

Moving forward, when posting more general content up on your feed, use original imagery of as high quality as possible. Use the latest phone technology to keep the clarity and detail of imagery sophisticated. Equip multiple employees with the brands Instagram logins so you can have varying perspectives contributing to your page. Be sure the person in charge of editing content is focussed on reviewing posts, so nothing off-brand slips through the net. Also ensure all users are briefed on appropriate filters, posting vocabulary and hashtags. Keeping your Instagram page uniform is integral to your image. A social media user guide complete with bullet point objectives ensures language and style remain linear.

Now Trending...

Hashtags are a useful tool for engaging wider audiences with your content on social media. A single post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. Creating a hashtag strategy for your brand will help you grow your account and target your desired associated communities, targeting new audiences which potentially translates into more customers for your business.

Build Good Habits

Regular posts at scheduled intervals will increase the visibility at your account. Although Instagram no longer follows a chronological posting order, it does adhere to a recency content framework. Mondays to Thursdays at any time except between 3:00–4:00 p.m is optimum for all eyes on your post. If you are keen on expanding on the more unique facets of your social media reach, why not consider using analytical software. The official Instagram app has simple insights to get you started.

Websites such as Unmetric offer immediate insights by filtering your brand's organic and paid content by engagement to see what's resonating with your Instagram and associated social media platforms.

Effective social media is a science. Educating yourself and your wider brand strategists with the strengths and weaknesses of your Instagram posting schedule and content is key to successful marketing. Start playing around with the fun and informative elements of your future; Instagram has the answer to all the marketing developmental questions you have been asking.

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