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Diversify social strategies

Potential new leads and consumers are ever-present online. Your successful competitors appreciate the power of diversifying their digital presence to maximise visibility. But do you? Organically networking your content depends upon the most reliable and trusted marketing tool; Word of mouth. 

To optimise control over every social media channel available, it is essential that audiences across every digital platform are able to access your content and cross-pollinate your brands' values organically. The digital marketing landscape provides boundless opportunities for you to showcase platform reviews and recommendations, as well as allowing your company to show interest in existing and potential consumers and to interact with their content, thereby contributing to ongoing conversations and enabling you to project your image and values authentically. In the fast-paced modern business world, brands must diversify online marketing strategies to widen their reach. In this feature, we explain why.

Diversification is maximised when a product or service is introduced to a new audience, unfamiliar with the brand. When planting that first seed of interest, long term growth can become rooted and when nurtured with care, it has the potential to thrive. As individuals, we all have preferences for which social media platform we prefer to gather information. LinkedIn and Twitter are the social channels businesses most frequently choose to interact with; informally, Facebook and Youtube are the platforms we most frequently switch to for entertainment.

To give your brand the advantage when diversifying your content, you need to introduce your audiences to new ways of thinking. By stimulating, challenging, entertaining and inspiring new conversations online, you can share knowledge to help combine individuals' intellectual capital, thereby inspiring varied perspectives. The online sharing culture has bred a competitive attitude within us collectively, whereby we are driven to harness the most up to date and innovative information, claiming it as our own through promotion in our profile pages.

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Creating a constant stream of content, suited to the format of video, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr, to name just a few, enables audiences to align themselves with the influential voice of a persuasive brand. Consumers have so many sources of information to review before choosing to make a purchase. Most people will check several platforms to look over reviews and posts to arrive at a purchasing decision. Popularity and reviews count for a lot. If your Facebook game is strong, but Instagram and Twitter look neglected, this can negatively impact on your selling power. 70 to 80% of shares, likes, posts and general traffic are generated from organic online traffic. Posting your own content and encouraging clients and colleagues' click-throughs via email links and competitions are great techniques to get all eyes on your product. Just 20 to 30% of paid for advertising traffic inspires interaction with audiences.

Creating organic content to educate and entertain is a highly effective way of interacting with your audience; It's low cost, doesn't push towards a sale and offers value-added information which readers appreciate. Post one article but tailor it's aesthetic and format to the platform your audiences prefer by way of a picture with a short text entry for IG with a link in bio, a short sentence with a link on Twitter, a blog post on LinkedIn or even a podcast on iTunes. It's so much more cost-effective to share a valuable piece of content you took time to commission or create to the enormous reach of these influential social platforms instead of constantly creating content to feed out on single channels. Audiences will quickly become saturated if you overload just one platform with a heavy publishing schedule.

Throughout lockdown, the use of social channels has spiked exponentially. Now, as morale dips low and furloughing levels peak, is not the time to take your foot off the content pedal. In truth, we are all searching for valuable information to distract ourselves from the dismal climate we currently find ourselves in. Schedule a roll out of features and posts which push optimistically towards a return to normality; Your audience will appreciate and engage with this. Increase your click-through rate and your SEO and maximise your profits through your diversified digital strategy.

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