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The importance of knowing your audience

We all value being treated as individuals. So much is lost professionally and personally when information is communicated impersonally. When broad-spectrum content is delivered, detail, context and nuance is neglected. 

Buyer personas and target audience groups allow you, as a service or product provider, to appreciate differential client features from age, gender, location, interests, relationships and job status.

Keeping yourself front and centre of clients needs means you can provide exactly what they need before buyers or potential leads are even aware that they might require your service. So much is assumed by many brands when it comes to understanding consumer needs. Regardless of how big or small a business is, personalisation is critical to really understanding your audience.

How an advert is configured can indicate how well a business really knows its audience. Take, for example, a Youtube advert - picture the scenario: you're watching a music video, really enjoying the sounds and images when a tone deaf advert interrupts your viewing. A generic presenter chats about their product with a disinterested tone, lazily trying to make a sale without appreciating its audience's characteristics or interests. This is not only a waste of your audiences time, but it also risks disengagement; additionally, it can lead to viewers feeling more negatively about the product as a result of the interruption. A negative experience of a brand may also be communicated to friends, colleagues or family members.

Understanding your audience is not a marketing luxury but an absolute essential. So much capital can be spent pushing out the product to get as many eyes on a brand as possible, but if the means to doing this isn't fully researched you will be seen and known but for all the wrong reasons.

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So how do you target new leads, offering solutions to their pain points? One effective strategy involves seeding out target audience tailored content. The better your understanding of your target audience, the more powerful your digital marketing efforts will become. Conversion, user experience and search engine optimisation are all great tactics for enhancing your visibility and traction: The following is a guide to maximising your target audience reach. 

Be sure your buyer personas are accurate

Consult with each department in your team to ensure your buyer personas are watertight. By keeping each of your departments up to date in this regard, you will appreciate what content or inquiries are most prevalent and where and when opportunities for traction exist. Ask your team members to survey the client contact they receive, requesting that, off the back of email or phone calls, a few simple questions are answered concerning interests, values and opinions.

Social listening

A more subtle way of discovering what audiences want is to adopt social listening tactics. By monitoring social media with frequent regularity, you will identify trends in your audience's interests and problems. Additionally, you will establish what is being said about your brand by your competitors and influencers. All of this combined will pinpoint pain points, desired solutions and the language of your target audience. Instead of surveying and digging for details from your audience, you can observe communication organically and most important authentically. The App 'Awario' allows you to monitor your brands competitors and discover influencers; the best social listening software available.

Influencers can help you grow your brand's visibility.

The wide-spanning reach of influencers is the dominant driving force behind most modern, popular brands. Influencers can successfully drive traffic and increase sales, endorsing your products or services via their content, generating a significant increase in lucrative clickthroughs. With a single post, influencers can direct traffic in droves, framing your brand as their product or service of choice. By using influencers, you can fast forward all the market research and cut straight to the source! Influencers have access to the exact demographic you require access to. Be sure to identify the most appropriate influencers; Those boasting a substantial reach, posting and engaging effectively. There are influencers in every industry, don't assume that is the sole domain of celebrities. Influencers are primarily experts in their own field. To find out the best in your industry, check out BuzzSumo or Followerwonk.

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