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Episode 3 is here!

As a business and employment-oriented social platform, LinkedIn is a complex resource which can add serious growth and value to your brand, when adopted effectively.

Expert tech marketing specialist and chartered marketer Philip Jones joins Method's resident podcast host and curator James to discuss the most effective communication and research strategies, appropriate for establishing and nurturing new connections with potential collaborators and clients. Dispelling the common myths around mass mail-outs and spammy links, Philip critiques the long term value and returns from  impersonal communications cast out in vast unresearched mail-outs.

Contrasting more mutually relevant and personal conversations with well-researched individuals against cold calls, Philip explains how building business-focused relationships from the ground up can open up a multinational world of virtual opportunities, without you having even to leave your front room. Working remotely throughout his career, Philip has forged his successful career from home. He has harnessed the full networking potential provided by LinkedIn. By working against the trend of automation in sales, focussing on the human element of business. Philip's commitment to helping those around him improve their services and products as opposed to selling strategies, has earned him a reputation as an expert marketer to be trusted.

In a self-gratifying world of industry tech, fixed solely on making a profit and accelerating turnover and growth, Philip's refreshing approach to marketing sits entirely in sync with Method's, we believe in building a supportive community that strengthens those amongst us, providing opportunities and connections that are built to last.

In Philip's wise words 'Don't push what you do, instead find out how you can help.'

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