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Seconds out, round 5: WordPress vs HubSpot

Method’s founder and owner James Roberts goes head-to-head with HubSpot product marketing manager Alex Girard to discuss WordPress and HubSpot’s comparative strengths and weaknesses, based on user experience in the fifth episode of Method's podcast, Behind the Madness.

With James in the red corner, in support of WordPress, he explores the intuitive and straightforward advantages in choosing WordPress as a business platform. The original software choice of many in the early noughties, WordPress first won favour as the go-to host site for Bloggers. Today the platform is a global phenomenon. Officially the fastest growing web publication software, 35% of the internet's collateral share of this is curated by WordPress. Also considered to be the most dominant CMS on the market, WordPress' ascent to greatness has been well documented, but does its popularity alone that mean that it is the superior product?

In the blue corner, we have Alex Girard, stating his claims in support of HubSpot. Alex has worked his way from being a support worker to product marketing manager at HubSpot, and ultimately to his current position at the helm of the reputable CMS hub, a system admired and implemented globally by sophisticated marketing consultants; Renowned for its high powered content management systems, including marketing software, sales data generated by HubSpot is considered by many to make it the leader in of the pack. HubSpot also created 'inbound marketing', a methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to their particular business.

It's a hard fight, battled out by two significant ecosystems each which commands a considerable market share with innovative software platforms and product designs. This episode of 'Behind The Madness' shines the spotlight on important issues surrounding the future of marketing and growth strategies that will keep all our listeners informed and ahead of the fast-rising waves making moves in the world of tech. Knuckle down and listen in; this is a critical conversation, brimming with critical insights.

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