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Five minutes with… Martin

Front-end web developer Martin McKee creates beautifully dynamic websites. Headhunted to work as an integral team member of Method Design team just 18 months ago, Martin's talent for translating simple elemental designs into useable and compelling interfaces is visionary.

Enjoying nothing more than a seemingly insoluble challenge, Martin applies structure to the concepts and visuals Method Design create. Passionate about tech tools and apps, Martin breathes innovative life into the ideas Method Design deliver. Working closely with clients, to ensure the full capacity of everything he creates is understood and enjoyed, Martin is a self-deprecating people person who lives and loves to work. He inherently understands what is desired from front end web development in terms of functionality; an impressive career trajectory place him at the top of his game.

Pushing forwards to find fresh ways to develop the solutions and inspirations his team present, Martin is passionate about providing an unbeatable service to those he works with and for. He is the go to resource for coding and pixel perfect font. We caught up with the foodie ahead of his lunch to find out more about his close relationship with his computer.

What is your background in development?

I started just placing ads on websites for a marketing company and sort of developed my skills from there. l went on to manage a development team within two companies, before starting my own design and development agency in Manchester.

What elements of your work do you enjoy the most?

The finished product. It gives a real sense of satisfaction when you see your work ‘in the wild’, being used.

Chat me through a typical day at Method Design?

As I work out of my home office, that can be quite varied for me, more problem solving and consultancy than anything.

How do you continually progress your skills at this advanced point in your career?

Ironically, I’m a bit old fashioned with this sort of thing. I like to read a book! Aside from that, there are so many resources available online, every day is a learning day.

What programmes and tools do you work with as standard and why do you choose these specifically?

I couldn’t live without my Adobe Products, Brackets for code, Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign for messing with design things, although I am slowly getting converted to Sketch. These are easily the best programmes in their category.
A few years ago I made the switch from PC to Mac, and it has to be said I am now a bit of an addict. I think I have every Apple gadget there is. The reason being is purely down to reliability. I don’t have to strip down my Mac, every couple of months, to change components (sorry PC users).

Who first inspired you to feel confident enough to pursue development as a career?

A guy called George was my mentor in the beginning; He was your stereotypical, work through the night, sleep all day type of guy! But boy did he know his stuff! Unfortunately, he died way too young, God Bless You G.

Who are your creative heroes?

To be honest when I was managing my own team, the guys that worked for me were heroes in their own way. Before I learned to use the tools myself, I used to be in awe of the stuff they could create. As a developer, I never really gave full credit to the designers out there. I don’t think I would enjoy the rejection that goes hand in hand with design.

What are you most excited about in the world of apps for 2018?

That’s a hard one really. I am looking forward to using some of the more recent frameworks for building website. Every year I revise my processes and update to the latest available tools.

What are your favourite creative websites?

I spend all my time on Stack Overflow and CSS-Tricks, and if I am feeling at all creative, tympanus (https://tympanus.net/codrops/)

How do you work a daily routine that occurs naturally or at a spontaneous pace which requires inspiration?

Big Projects get the planning they deserve, but at least 50% of my day is spent putting out fires and doing bits and bobs.

What are you working on now and what are you looking forward to working on tomorrow?

Just finished a large project. The relief to get that done and out of the way is immense, so I am looking forward to clearing my small backlog of little jobs and then looking for the next big project!