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Method Design helps DeltaXML launch new branding and website

Over the last few months, our full team of designers and developers have been working hard alongside DeltaXML to help improve their website and branding.

We started the journey, as ever, with research. Understanding who makes up DeltaXML’s client base and what these different users would be looking for from the website. This revealed 3 core groups, all with distinct goals when visiting the site, who needed to be catered for individually. This was a particularly delicious challenge for the UX team: to make sure the navigation and information architecture worked for everyone.

So what does DeltaXML do? Fresh from their lips: "Whether you are working with documents, data or code, DeltaXML offers the most reliable and efficient XML-based comparison and merging solutions to clients globally." If you’re up on your code, you’ll know XML is used in nearly everything from websites to phones to manuals. Put simply, when more than one person is working on content, DeltaXML solutions can identify any changes and represent them back to the content workers so they can manage them quickly and easily.

It’s a very specialised offering, but even as leaders within their marketplace, we needed to make sure their website worked hard to transmit their message simply, and direct visitors to key areas quickly. If you’re a coder, you need the tools. If you’re a manager, you need overview information of why the coder wants the product. If you’re the boss, you need details of the company’s background and ethics to check they’re a good match. Method has united all of these.

And it didn’t end there. Seamlessly joining old and new was part of the job too: DeltaXML’s website is built on several different platforms and the scope for this project was to build only one part of this website. So placing brand and UI elements which are recognisable to returning users was important as to not confuse them with the old and new way of doing things.

It may all sound straightforward now, but that’s only down to the expertise and time invested by Method HQ into careful research and surmounting some extreme challenges. The job’s not over yet either. DeltaXML’s website will always be changing and we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Perhaps you’d like to take a look, and let us know what you think: www.deltaxml.com.





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