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Generating leads is increasingly difficult

Creating successful click-through links via posts on social media and online SEO content is currently more challenging than ever. 

Engaging audiences with products and services using both inbound and outbound marketing strategies has become increasingly harder; online consumers are ever more aware of the subtle tactics businesses use to ingratiate their products with potential customers.

Consumers do not appreciate being underestimated when it comes to engaging and educating through value-added content. Whilst there is always worthwhile equity invested in instant impact marketing such as pay per click advertising, a blend of high-quality content which informs audiences, anticipating pain points, will attract discerning customers who will be more invested in the long term development of your brand. Loyalty is integral to quality connections when it comes to building a client base. Once you have established a slow-growing success rate with customers, high-quality leads will develop with longevity, organically.

Activate sales notifications

HubSpot is the prime host website for developing a fast-growing network of consumers. When utilised effectively long term lead strategies will grow and grow. At this point, it's important to stress inbound and outbound marketing strategies work most effectively when instigated in conjunction with each other. Outbound operates on the impulsive audience, drawn in via opportunistic leads, whereas inbound will secure those leads with detailed information that educates, excites and engages.

Activating notifications which will offer insight into the behaviour of the customer who has returned to view your content, website or short lead link. The team will be notified when intrest is peaked and will then be able to establish what aspects of your brand have enticed the consumer. If appropriate, sales teams will then follow up, to push leads further down the sales funnel. Take special note if this recently viewed asset is a pricing page; this places the sales team in an optimal opposition to promote specific products at individualised rates.

Install chatbots

We have all been in the predicament of visiting a website with a view to make a purchase, encountering an issue which then interrupts our intended transaction. With no active chatbot on hand to help resolve the problem, you return to Google Shopping to revise the search for your requirements—failing to mobilise a live help operative feature is a sure-fire way to lose traction on potential leads. Users average around five seconds on a web page. It takes an average 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website; whether they'll stay or leave, with 88% of online consumers less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. With these statistics in mind, failing to anticipate potential consumers needs, not only reflects poorly on you as a brand but will weaken your reputation amongst wider audiences. Not only is this useful for engaging with your users but also understanding the problems that are encountered, causing barrier between sales.

Add the HubSpot bot tool to your pages and watch your potential lead convert into capital.

See for yourself why 60,500+ customers trust HubSpot to bring their marketing  team, tools, and data together in one place.

Create quick bottom of the funnel offers

Bottom of the funnel content turns prospective custom into certified sales, through the acceleration of the deal cycle, marketing position and inspiring confidence in your consumer. At the bottom of the funnel, content is required for a primary contact to share internally to allow the purchase conversation to evolve.

Utilise the engaged contact database you have on record to drive sales and keep your loyal consumers returning. Product demos, existing customer offers and exclusive company literature are examples of valuable assets to supply to your contact database portal, which can help inspire purchases.

Run an NPS survey

Harvest the potential power of successful sales. A satisfied customer can inspire hundreds more. Marketing managers are able to benefit from net promoter score results to mobilise future potential sales. Customers value being heard. Through the use of NPS, any issues which leave a customer unhappy with your service or product can be addressed and discussed. Further knowledge of their dissatisfaction can then lead yo improvements. Equally, when customers are happy, identifying what satisfies them can drive standards to be upheld and exceeded. Reviews via Trustpilot, Google and Facebook are volunteered to guide new buyers towards or away from sales, never underestimate a reviews profound influence.

Repurpose your gated content and non-gated content

Non-gated content allows your audience to connect quickly with content without the need to fill in a form or purchase a subscription before accessing your website. Non-gated content helps your SEO evolve, and brand awareness flourish. It's always important to network both your gated and non-gated content on socials to see what assets get people liking and interacting with your brand. When you ascertain what content is really achieving hits and sustaining the reader's attention, then consider repurposing this content to be available long term. Enable downloads, record long-form copy to podcasts and create PDF's of images and words which you want to exist and represent the company long term. These are excellent marketing assets to share at conventions or circulate with newsletters.

Create meeting links

Filling in forms is time-consuming, filling in forms to wait for a call back is soul destroying. In a world where we favour instant results, and struggle against the attention span of 0.25 seconds per web page, requesting potential leads to wait on a return phone call at any time form a sales or marketing person is not forward thinking.

The HubSpot Meetings Tool is easy to implement and is also free of charge! This tool allows those who are interested in making contact with you to be able to book an allocated time slot to suit you both.

Repurpose content

Audiences engage with content presented in varying forms, from Youtube to spoken word, long-form to short-form copy, image-based to text-heavy. Play around with existing content switching a podcast into a text feature or film an employee demonstrating how to do something you have written about in real-time. Alternatively, condense a dense amount of text into a bullet-pointed list. Don't be afraid to feed out content multiple times. Those who have read it will skim past, those who haven't will engage, allowing you to increase your visibility and get your monies worth out of old content.

Get budget for paid social

When you have a prospective new launch, a brand new product or need to get more eyes on our homepage, paid advertising on socials will boost your profile tenfold. Whether you opt for straight-up ads created by your in house designer or paying an influencer to feature your product on their page using the hashtag ad, to endorse your brand, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn offer some useful integrated advertising options.

Email your people

This is a lead generator, so many businesses overlook. Keeping your brand front and centre of your existing customer base is integral to landing return sales. Use HubSpot to build emails, and be sure to offer a hook, consider offering reduced rates for a period of time only to those receiving this email. This will encourage potential leads to open emails you send to avoid missing great money-saving opportunities courtesy of your business.

Collate content into high converting pillar pages

This is the perfect place to locate your repurposed content. Through the use of a pillar page, your content's visibility will be maximised, along with your SEO ranking and the ranking of your website. So first off, create a web page with around 2000 words written about your key topic areas and link multiple sources to it. Pillar pages add value to potential leads and will be recognised by search engines as a verified information source. Use the HubSpot Strategy tool to help you construct your pillar pages and then hyper ling blogs to it.

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