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Halloween, it's a bit of a monster

Halloween, it’s become a bit of a monster in the last few years.

Walk into any shop and there will be a Halloween display of products you don’t need but still buy as the kids will be tugging on your sleeve because they want to be a zombie, witch or pumpkin. Visit a pub or restaurant and you’re likely to see a display of lantern lights, cobwebs and rubber bats hanging from the ceiling.

Halloween has become big business and pumpkin carving has become an art. Gone are the days of crassly hacking two triangular eye holes and a slightly jagged mouth. Nowadays Instagram and Facebook are covered with photos of carefully crafted artwork on a pumpkin’s skin with various techniques like scraping the skin to give a 3D effect.

Your business and products should also take pride of place on social media and your websites. Whether professional photos, new app or a smooth website your business should look great.

We’re not too scary to contact and even easier to bribe with some Halloween cupcakes.