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Help Innovating Minds change lives

A short while back Dr. Asha Patel came to us to help brand her brilliant idea, Innovating Minds, a project to help children achieve their potential. We helped out by tailoring a design to her needs and market. It was a project that Creative Director James felt was a really worthy cause and decided to become a partner beside Asha to help promote the business.

Now Innovating Minds are asking for your help by way of an online vote to help them get funding. This funding will pay for venue hire, session staff, resources & celebration events.

The project they are focussing on is The Recovery Toolkit it is an interactive, impactful, creative and informative programme for women and children who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse. It is unique in its approach using a combination of psycho-education, trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy, and person–centered therapeutic principles.

The overall aims of the programmes are to help women and their children come to terms with their experiences, build confidence, self-esteem, make sense of the difficult emotions they may be feeling, and to develop a positive lifestyle and coping strategies.

We’d love you to take a few minutes to help Asha help people that really need this sensitive care.

The link for voting and to read more about this project is - https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/16-2473 (voting closed) You will have 10 votes to use.

Watch the below video to find out more about Innovating Minds, be sure to check out our rebrand for Innovating Minds