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How to be efficient with content

Being efficient with content requires creativity and innovation. Increasing your brand's social reach and encouraging interactive engagement with an audience should be your primary focus for promoting content efficiency.

To provide your brand with sufficient opportunity to repurpose content and maximise efficiencies, you should embrace every relevant social networking platforms potential. There are many strategies on a range of platforms which can help reconfigure content using diverse and engaging formats. Begin by thinking of ways of inspiring conversations with your audience. Short-form, long-form, microblogging, and image-led content should be combined to inspire a connection with your followers. By speaking from a place of of authority, you can simultaneously educate and entertain your audience.

Crowdsourcing content

The use of Instagram Stories is a brilliant place to secure user engagement online. Of over 500 million people using Instagram Stories daily, as many as 50% have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service in Stories. The 'ask me anything' feature is a brilliant marketing tool. Not only can you use this to harvest information about audiences preferences and drivers, but you can also recognise those who chose to engage with your Q and As, speaking directly and publicly to them through each answer that you give.

The demographics representing those users you have engaged should be recorded to inform the qualitative and quantitative detail behind the features of of your buyer personas. Use the poll feature to allow your audience to vote. This can be very useful when testing content, design and new launches. It will also enable audiences to feel valued and in control of your brands evolution. Identifying with your followers is of critical importance. Remember to keep things light-hearted. Maybe the office dog has an option of a fancy bandana or a cosy get-up to wear that day; Set a poll allowing your audience to be in control of the outfit he wears. Your audience wants to engage with your brand for fun and educational purposes. Switch it up and cross-pollinate the results of polls with content to make sure your audience engages on Twitter, IG and Facebook amongst other relevant platforms. Crowdsourcing content is a great opportunity to attract new users whilst continuing to engage with existing audiences.
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Competitions are a wonderful way to generate hype around your brand. Social media competitions grow your audience, develop brand awareness, enhance user engagement and introduce the opportunity to grow your email list. A brilliant way to maximise content efficiency through competitions which encourage followers to share and like articles or posts, tag friends or colleagues and sign up to email lists. This will allow more eyes to reach your content, promoting your brand as generous with a sense of fun!

Social media makes use of intelligent algorithms. Your chosen platform is likely to recognise the popularity of a post shared many times, promoting it and therefore pushing it to the top of your timeline.

Using competitions to promote the download of valuable assets is another smart marketing strategy. Review what posts/blogs have been popular and collate the positive feedback you receive. Condense this into a downloadable PDF and offer up to followers for free once a jackpot number of likes and tags have been reached.

Alternatively offer a free subscription to services or product to a randomly selected member of your audience who signs up to your monthly newsletter. Perhaps you want to make it a little more challenging. Ask your readers to identify a phrase randomly located familiar phrase hidden in the text that they would recognise. For example you could hide the phrase Behind The Madness (the name of our monthly podcast) amongst copy in a newsletter. This will ensure your readers really engage with your content, again maximising audience reach.


Members of your team are working hard to communicate and streamline the values of your brand. Utilise their expertise. Encourage employees from each department, from marketing to software to graphic design, to contribute their insights on topics that feature high in general inquiries. Compile a list of frequently asked questions and then create a feature which speaks to your audience specifically about pain points. Providing intuitive solutions, informed by your in house experts, will help audiences identify with your brand. Providing forward-thinking articles with the potential to create new leads will help cement an affinity with your brand.

Interview clients and create case studies

At Method we love creating case studies, bringing together work from a range of our projects, providing details of redesigns, rebranding and marketing asset revision amongst other commissions to demonstrate the services we offer and the work we do. Publish sketches and feature quotes from happy customers and project managers. Keep your case study section online current and updated to demonstrate the rich range of subjects and brands you work with. Brands will value the promotion, and this will help grow your relationship with your clients.
Keep a document of interesting quotes used in these case studies. You can feature these as reviews on your website and feed them out on your socials. This is a perfect example of repurposing content efficiently.

Behind the scenes

Audiences love a peek behind the scenes which gives them insight into the way you work, the characters in your team and the live creation of content. Taking screenshots of zoom meetings, pictures of the office dog, raw sketches of design, on set images of product shots all add a fun tone. At Method, we have a page on our website that proudly displays a caricature of each team member with a brief narrative of who they are and what they are about.

Discuss socials takeovers with clients you are working with. Again, this enhances the relationship between your brand and your clients and your followers. Your brand will benefit from authentic promotion, endorsement and buzz the affiliated client will create. Screenshot the positive reinforcement you see and use within your own marketing assets.

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