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How to build a social influencer audience

Building an influencer audience is a progressive and intelligent marketing strategy. Allowing your brand to be seen and recognised as a trusted source by a targeted community of social media users.

An influencer audience drives traffic and potential new custom to your content, increasing brand visibility.

With over 3.2 billion people active on social media globally, formulating a plan to market your product or brand on various social platforms should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. The key formative consideration for your influencer strategy should be which influencers have the appeal and aesthetic to draw in the desired audience to connect with your brand message. Harnessing the power of those communities will bring an organic affiliation with your business, benefitting your brand in an effortless and meaningful way.

As the relationship between influencers and your platforms grow, so will your followers engagement with further verified users, presenting opportunities to engage with additional trailblazers. As a result, global users with untapped potential will be exposed to your content via the endorsement of a trend-forward source they believe they have come to trust by choice, not forced to witness by way of advertisement. In truth, commercials or even #ad endorsements have proved to be minimally effective compared to influencer collaborations and partnerships.

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Influencers are by rights trusted sources who have experience and expertise in their chosen area of networking. They promote authenticity. Their passion and organic interest will benefit your brand by proxy. An influencers reputation is directly linked to their character, therefore, deepening the level of trust shared between themselves and their followers.

An influencer operates independently from commercial outlets allowing their audience to connect with them in a personal and relatable way. Utilise the influencer's voice as a channel for your brand or products details. Where you might write posts listing the content you believe will accumulate interest, the influencer editorialises the information into a digestible, preppy format. As a brand generally, your voice should be educational, trustworthy and to the point when it comes to specific aspects of marketing; These rules don't apply to influencers. To avoid appearing too try-hard, leave the cool factor to the influencer audience and achieve a professional but conversational style of communication, marrying the audience and product.

There are various strategies for building the influencer audience. Through a range of means including working on partnered content posted on your feed or the influencers platform, sponsored content on your channel or guest posts on your own of the influencers, social media mentions, gifting in return for reviews, brand ambassador opportunities (discounted product for endorsed posts), giveaways, offers and competitions, the opportunities for building on relationships with your broader, growing audiences are endless. Try out different strategies and experiment with influencers from more creative or consumer savvy backgrounds.


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