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How to engage and communicate effectively with a Generation Z audience

Preceding Millennials, Gen Z'ers are the most populous generation to date and the first to be born into the age of the internet.

Generally upholding more religious values, originating from modern families such as single or same-sex parents Gen Z'ers are more racially diverse, entrepreneurial, and value the currency of popularity on social media over economic success.

Pew Research Center defines Generation Z as roughly anyone born after 1996. They are currently between 4-24 years old and their engagement with online content is high, as is the rate at which online links are shared and literature absorbed. They are responsible for driving trends, establishing the influencers they instate as gurus, trusting bloggers and celebrities as the primary trusted sources of information by which breaking news and values are gathered and shaped. Working across platforms and technological devices, Gen Z'ers worlds are far more expansive than those who came before them. Communication between followers and subscribers is global and consequently cultural divides are minimised and broadening perspectives.

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Gen Zer's are committed to making valuable contributions to society, thereby obtaining and sustaining this demographics attention will not only evolve your brand in line with a key populations vision but will also improve your online visibility.

Consistently flooded with information, Gen Z have learned to sift through content with lightening fast intuition. Understanding the correct language, imagery and seeding to highlight your online literature, will allow for the message of your brand or business to resonate with your most desired demographic; This is of far greater primary importance. Authenticity and originality are key for this cohort. When engaging with a brand, value-added content distributed via social media is the most effective way to engage your Gen Z audience.

When making purchases, Gen Z'ers primarily engage with content via their mobile devices. Ensure all the accessibility features of your website are mobile-friendly, with considered design aesthetics aligned with simple and considered wording. A brands imagery should sit in line with this cohorts identity, with forward-thinking ideals and endorsed products.

Youtube is the medium most used for the platform by which Gen Z'ers digest their daily infotainment, with an average three hours of content viewed daily.

Gen Z are the next cohort of business leaders who, by inspiring and influencing their outlook, establish an integral relationship binding past, present and future.

In the workplace, Generation Z expects greater flexibility and the capacity to work remotely, collaboratively and seamlessly across their various devices. Making a meaningful contribution to the world is also important to the cohort. Embracing diversity and inclusion more passionately than any other generation before them, respecting this conscientious communities integrity will benefit your company exponentially.

According to Forbes this generation of digital natives, Gen Z makes up about a quarter of the population in the United States and the United Kingdom and has an annual purchasing power of $44 billion. Therefore the power of this rising community of activists from both a financial and humanitarian standpoint is both impactful and unbridled. By investing in this group of burgeoning young talents within Gen Z, we also invest in our own futures well as those who will succeed us.


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