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Why HubSpot should be your ‘go to’ for lead generation

Method is a creative, digital marketing agency. Except... umm... that’s not really what we are.

In fact, we hardly use the word ‘marketing’ these days because we believe it implies a process of pushing information out into the big busy world and just – hoping for the best.

For us, that’s simply not good enough.

Not marketing – but lead generation

You can have the biggest marketing presence in the world but if you’re offering any kind of service, it’s a complete waste of time without someone saying, “We should talk. It looks like we need your help".

The process to raise your profile and bring more clients into your business is better approached through lead generation.


Methods, measures and outcomes

Lead generation (you might have heard it called ‘inbound marketing’) is about magnetising potential customers to you so that they trigger that conversation. It’s at its most helpful and potent with a proven methodology wherein it is tracked and measured.

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One of the key ways we do this (and encourage you to do too) is with HubSpot.

We love HubSpot

Here at Method, we love the HubSpot platform and we use it pretty much all day every day, for the simple reason: it works.

HubSpot recognises that buying email lists, sending out mail shots, printing brochures, making websites and rocking up at trade shows are approaches that have died in the water. These old marketing tools are too cold for people who have grown numb to being sold and marketed at.

Instead, they want to be helped and given value.

Lead generation is therefore all about building relationships; helping your target customers by proving to them that you can solve their problems.

Three simple steps

How does it work?

HubSpot uses the three simple steps of ‘attract, engage and delight.’



It’s all online and synergised

The process to ‘attract, engage and delight’ is delivered using a variety of online tools such as customer segmentation (buyer personas), great website content, informative and readable blogs and canny SEO wording... and then hot advice on visitor engagement, tracking and follow-ups.

The problem is, if you do not have all these activities in one place, they can take a great deal of time and prove very disjointed and ineffective.

All in one place

HubSpot gives you the software, structure and support you need.

After capturing information via an online form, your website visitors, eBook downloaders and blog readers become known to you. It is then effortless to the point of appearing magical in automatically tracking, recording, and ranking the results from that form.

That way you get the information you need and can truly benefit from: identified, qualified leads that are worth their weight in gold.

See for yourself why 60,500+ customers trust HubSpot to bring their marketing  team, tools, and data together in one place.

Some other juicy features

With HubSpot, you can segment your customer profiles and also, if you need to, integrate with other software such as Magento, MailChimp and Wordpress.

The HubSpot dashboard is easy to view and understand (great for the non-techies), and the built-in calendar enables you to plan and programme all activity.

What’s more, it also makes it easy to create those monthly or quarterly reports you need to take to your boss or present to the board.

What's not to love? 

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