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How to win your customer's heart

Marketing is a bit like dating.

You have to 'click' with your leads to build relationships, and it could go one way or another.

If they sense any red flags that crop up during the first encounter then you're probably not going to see or hear from them again. Any doubts at the beginning, and your lead has already moved on.

It's almost Valentine’s Day, so what better time to highlight the importance of building solid customer relationships?

Casting out your marketing net is a lot like building a dating profile, it provides the hooks to attract new leads and build the foundations for a good, long-lasting relationship.

Hence the term 'relationship marketing.'

Better relationships = better customer retention

It's all about quality over quantity.

According to HubSpot -

'Relationship marketing isn’t about short-term wins or sales transactions - instead, it focuses on delighting customers for the long haul.'

It boils down to perfecting the 'wowing' process, converting those leads into long-term loyal customers.

What does a good customer-seller relationship look like?

  • The seller is honest and transparent from the get-go, establishing trust

  • The customer is eager to give feedback and reviews

  • The customer returns for further purchases or subscriptions

  • The customer is active in the online community surrounding the business

But getting there doesn't happen with just one marketing email, or a simple follow. You need to 'attract' your customer, like a marketing first date.

Do's and don'ts

If you're going to establish the foundations for long-lasting customer relationships, it's useful to...

  • Not be too pushy

  • To be patient

  • Get to know your customer

  • 'Wow' your customer

  • Speak their love language

  • Be consistent

Don't be too pushy

Your customers might be aware of your business, but they may be a little reluctant to approach first. Or perhaps, they're weighing up other options.

This is where you swoop in with some sort of contact. Your content will know their pain points, and your product or service becomes the knight in shining armour.

It's important not to be too pushy though. If your communications are too sales-heavy, then they'll lose interest. Give your lead breathing space and time to think before they part with their money.

Be patient

Unless you’re Stu from The Hangover, you’re not going to marry at first sight. You can attract leads and captivate interest but don’t expect them to buy into your business straight away. It takes time.

Nurture your leads and dedicate time and patience to building the relationship. Eventually, you’ll build a solid foundation for a lasting relationship.

Get to know your customer

Your buyer persona is a complex web that goes far beyond demographics. You've got to know what makes them tick.

Just as you'd stalk a date's social media profile, get all the information about your buyer persona as physically possible.

Take the time to analyse your target audience, and uncover their pain points. How can you tailor a strategy to genuinely address those specific needs?

Target content towards your customer and speak their 'love language.'

Get to the crux of what your customer is genuinely interested in, and you'll construct a meaningful relationship.

You need to know your buyer persona. You need to know exactly who you’re creating content for.

Your research should delve deep into...

  • Customer surveys

  • Feedback forms

  • Competitor research

  • Pre-existing customer data on your CRM

Gather every single scrap of data you can, and you’ll have a more well-rounded idea of who exactly you’re selling to.

By putting the research in, you'll know exactly what makes your customer tick.

Speak their love language

Drive personalised content towards your lead. Use automation tools and AI to your advantage here - you can craft content that is entirely unique to your customer as an individual.

Essentially, that's what ‘attract’ is all about in the buyer journey.

Create killer content that speaks the same language as your customer. Craft compelling copy: This means clickable headlines, captivating introductions, and clear content.

Intrigue your audience from the start, setting the stage for a lasting engagement with your product.

Ensure that your content is not only visually appealing but also communicates your brand's personality and values.

'Wow' your customer

Dress your brand to impress your customers. From your UX design to your short-form video, design your content to be polished, and on-brand.

The attract stage of marketing isn’t the only time you can ‘wow’ your customer. Impress your customer with 'delight' tactics throughout the buyer journey - this could be freebies, deals, promotions, or loyalty schemes.

Whether you're attracting customers through email marketing, blogs, or social media; consider all contact points.

Be consistent in building loyalty

Consistency in this quality of sales and marketing means you'll retain a loyal customer in the long run.

To prevent churn and upkeep loyalty, continue your efforts to 'delight' even after your customers have subscribed to your product.

Whether it's a first date or you're marketing to a prospect, the process of 'wowing' doesn't happen overnight. It requires a strategic approach that goes beyond a single marketing email or initial follow-up.

Surprising and delighting your audience in a personalised way means you can forge meaningful and lasting connections with your customers. Keep these connections strong, and it's happy ever after.


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