INBOUND 2020: HubSpot optimises usability with innovative new tools

When analysing the features of your service which are of critical importance, there are a multitude of factors to consider. An intuitive software service must cater to a range of customers, each with their unique and specific needs.

The consideration of appropriate location, language, efficiency, helpful bots and computer literacy are all integral to creating an effective, individualised product. Working diligently and creatively to perfect features which can respond to all these needs, HubSpot has created a novel set of tools to enable navigation and refinement of your product with ease and satisfaction, all located in the service hub.

Bots in Operation 24/7

Allowing your team to rest easy when the service is down, an 'out of service' bot functions as a drop-down option template for service software. A fail-safe way to avoid potential custom failing to make contact with your team, it offers your company the opportunity to build a custom made bot. FAQ's can be automatically provided to direct users directing them to the correct point of contact on your site along with pre-configured text which allows users to feel recognised and valued both in and out of hours.

Visual of ticket status automation flow

'Ticket status' provides important data on how issues flagged by your users have been dealt with and resolved. Ticket status automation flow is of central importance when it comes to retaining business and encouraging return custom from established clients. HubSpot now formally recognises when a conversation has been initiated by a customer who is reaching out for assistance with a product they have either purchased or wish to purchase. Offering active tracking of each ticket's status and displaying bespoke messaging based on a users availability, communication channels are left open to ensure that service users are kept informed and supported through each stage of the tickets resolution. Communication is critical when working remotely from the customer; they mustn't be left to feel in the dark, and their concerns should be acknowledged with active and open conversations structured to help achieve resolution.

Advanced team management

Introducing a cohesive chat service, managers can now control the individual status of their team members. Improving the visibility of each team member, admins, and super admins now have the ability to update the live or offline status of individuals to enhance the user experience. Eliminating the potential for staff members to fail to update their status by error or ignorance, HubSpots team view in conversations maximises the visibility of team members to personalise the service and help maximise potential custom. With remote working now the everyday norm, keeping up with the challenges presented to us with expert solutions such as this new HubSpot tool is essential.

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Multi-language knowledge base

Personalising your customer service to predict and overcome barriers to communication or product functionality enhances and optimises the user experience. HubSpot has now intelligently devised a multi-language knowledge base allowing for your brand to translate online articles into twenty-five different languages. This can and will improve the reach of your potential customer base, simultaneously offering insight into the specific needs and interests of your multinational custom base.
Add the languages you want to use in your knowledge base in your settings (Settings >> Service >> Knowledge Base). This feature applies to both the Professional and Enterprise plans in Service Hub.

Logged-in visitor identification

Applying to the Professional and Enterprise plans for all products with log-in features integrated within a HubSpot hosted page or external site, administrators will now be able to recognise returning visitors with a chat history. Proving invaluable solutions to recurring or complex client-specific problems, remembering personalised requirements and communications builds rapport between service provider and user. Clients are identified instantly, saving time and patience when discussing long term objectives, improving cohesion and service satisfaction. Compartmentalising numerous active chats helps make the customer feel valued. Much like the Facebook Messenger chat app, multiple conversations can happen simultaneously with recorded threads. Bots will be programmed to recognise signed-in users, so frustrating, depersonalised pop-ups attempting to engage your online client will be deactivated.

Ticket sidebar in inbox

When responding to conversations in the inbox, there is now a dedicated ticket view that brings up any ticket associated with that conversation. You can use contextual information associated with the ticket and derive past conversations to inform your response to the contact's inquiry.

Want to adjust the information you see? You can customise contact and ticket properties to meet your needs. This feature applies to all products and plans.

Conversation forwarding (beta)

Potentially one of the most innovative and time-saving tools to be curated and integrated by HubSpot is the chat forwarding option now available online. Centralising all teams into one space so that chats between customers addressing marketing, sales, support or IT issues can be forwarded at the click of a button to achieve more succinct solutions, improved teamwork is facilitated. By enabling customers to become familiar with all individuals working across departments, a sense of familiarity is engendered which increasing the likelihood of a user identifying with the brand,

Tools to Power Proactive Service

Knowledge base single sign-on (beta)

Custom built to cater to everyone who ever forgot a password and struggled with a log in, which is sure to be everyone reading this right now, Knowledge Base Single Sign-on is here to save the day! Unifying the authentication, registration and access to your brands restricted content on the HubSpot platform provides a definitive solution to the eternal struggle to log on to access your service.

Enhanced Reporting Dashboards (Beta)

Communication is key to the growth of every company. The secret to improving all aspects of your business lies in the online conversations between you and your clients. Through the analysis of both customer query content and your companies response rates, reports are correlated to catalogue metrics and create algorithms. You can do all this without a ticket being assigned to each chat, and email dashboard now does the same for emails, again with no ticket association necessary. Service dashboards now include reporting metrics related to chat and Facebook Messenger.

Custom Surveys (Beta)

Valuing feedback from customers places you front and centre of service progression and development. Customers are able to specifically offer detail orientated feedback focussed around how best to streamline the user experience, critiquing the structure and orientation of your service. HubSpot's new survey software allows you to tailor questionnaires to your customer base to discover your companies weaknesses and strengths, via email or live on your website. Keep things simple with single-line text, smiley face and number ratings to allow data to be as easily quantifiable as possible.

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