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Inbound essentials for VERY busy marketing managers

The key to a successful inbound marketing plan is to initially identify challenges and current goals that any prospective customer could face. Establishing your target market is essential, and you should also determine how the internet is used as part of the buying process.

Today we are going to take a comprehensive look of some inbound marketing essentials than can be used for those extremely busy marketing managers.

The Website

Nothing is more critical when it comes to inbound marketing than a website that generates leads. The website should ideally take its seat on a content management system. The most essential job of your business’s website is to make it abundantly clear to the website visitor, exactly who you are and precisely why they are visiting your site. This should be made clear within the first five seconds.

The website should be straightforward to navigate and should incorporate as many SEO best practices as possible. The final thing that your website should have is mobile accessibility. The majority of people nowadays access websites on the move, and this is done via a handheld device. Having a mobile-friendly page is a must.

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Once the website is in operation, the critical point now is to drive traffic to this website. Below are the most common ways of generating traffic to your website:

  • Search engine optimisation is the process that involves your standing within a search engine. Your aim is to optimise your website with select keyword. Using these select keywords will help you see your organic traffic hits rise when done correctly. To get the best from SEO, it is always best to work closely with somebody in the field that has a plethora of knowledge. Also creating a long term SEO strategy is an excellent way of continually keeping ahead of the curve.
  • Blogging is one of the most effective tools when it comes to inbound marketing. Businesses that blog unbelievably generates around 50% more traffic than companies that do not. Using blogging correctly, however, is vitally important. Having a blog post present informative content that doesn’t directly advertise is the most beneficial form of a blog post. 
  • Video marketing is still one of the most significant ways to drive traffic in existence. Whether you are utilising the magic of Facebook when it comes to short advertorial videos or even heading straight to YouTube, the power of the video is immense. The algorithms surrounding video marketing nowadays are so complicated that the benefits of video now almost outweigh the benefits of any other form of advertising media.
  • Social media can also provide a form of marketing that allows you to reach audiences that are somewhat untapped. Utilising the direct strategies and demographic systems that Facebook offers, for example, is an excellent way of making sure you are interacting with the right groups. Clickthrough traffic from a source like this can be huge and highly beneficial.
  • Marketing automation is possibly one of the best things available for a very busy marketing manager. Marketing automation systems that, for example, promote blog pieces or articles via an automated email system can improve the chances of a better sales lead. This kind of marketing is basically customer nurturing. 
  • Email marketing is one of the oldest but most successful forms of inbound marketing. Of course, the great thing about email marketing is that it is readily available to be set for automation. A well put together an email marketing plan is essential when it comes to giving customers the right content at precisely the right time. Email marketing allows you to hold and manage a subscribers list. Having a subscribers list gives you a list of potential customers to nurture and overall convert to sales.
  • Advanced content creation can, in some cases create brand new contacts and potential clients, it can also help with existing clients. Advanced content can be many things, but most popular among them are how-to guides and eBooks. Advanced content can go hand in hand with a blog post, but in fact, goes a lot deeper when it comes to detail and is excellent when it comes to ending a blog post. Advanced content is terrific when it comes to showing your plumage and airing your expertise in your industry.  

So there you have just a handful of inbound essentials that any busy marketing manager should be taking advantage of. If of course, you would like to see even more inbound marketing essentials, you can do so here


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