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Is HubSpot for me?

As business owners and marketers growth is our bread and butter but too often being time short or feeling light on resources appears as a stumbling block to scaling up. The answer? Better systems and processes to execute our goals without limits, that's why the capabilities of our tools matter - are you looking for a tool that will grow with your ambition?

In step HubSpot, a company whose tag line is 'Grow Better' and whose platform helps deliver the vision your brand dreams of by working smarter and more efficiently. There are so many software options choices out there, making picking one a confusing and often contradicting experience for business owners or heads of marketing! This guide, to what we believe to be the King AND Queen of this space, will highlight the fundamental elements of HubSpot and give you all the information to answer the question, "Is HubSpot for me?"

See for yourself why 60,500+ customers trust HubSpot to bring their marketing  team, tools, and data together in one place.

Let's kick things off...

1. It is easy to use

Sounds basic? Good! Software should be easy to use and makes it the perfect tool for more people. HubSpot has nailed the balance between simplicity and power, the platform's layout makes it easy to navigate through both basic navigation and search by keeping things simple and uncluttered.

2. Customisable email templates are a time saver

Save yourself and your teams' time by having email templates at the click of a button without sacrificing personalisation by customising to your contacts. Easy and quick are two words we definitely like when it comes to emails, do you?

3. A CRM that has everything in one place

HubSpot puts customers at the core! Create and optimise content, nurture leads through their buying journey whilst managing existing customers' experience - there is no need to juggle different platforms anymore! Having one place for your customer management allows you to map out their journey to ensure the smoothest route to becoming a customer.

4. Align your sales and marketing

Your HubSpot tool kit means marketing is sorted allowing your sales team to utilise the insights generated to personalise and nurture leads to conversion, not only will it be seamless for your customers but also your team! You have the CMS, CRM, Marketing Hub and Service Hub to ensure sales and marketing are collaborating like never before.

5. Data at your fingertips

Personalise your data with dashboards to show you what you want to measure. Unclutter your customer insights to ensure data is digestible and more importantly, actionable!

6. Free up your time with smart automation

HubSpot's automation ability to automate emails after customers carry out specific actions such as making a purchase will mean you can focus on other tasks as your automation continue to work for you behind the scenes. Throw social media and other repetitive tasks to your automation and you'll find yourself saving plenty of time to concentrate on growth!

7. The power stays with you

Even with automation, the power remains with you as you specify what actions trigger automation and what content contacts receive from actions. This is thanks to HubSpot's workflows, which map out the customers' journey and gives you the perfect insight as to what is working and what needs improving.

8. Create, manage and edit your website

Whether it is landing pages, blog posts or entire websites the CMS allows you to jump in to fix any issues or improve the experience. Ensuring your website is fast, reliable and well-designed is HubSpot's priority!

9. The App to keep up on the go

We are very mobile these days so having a platform that can go where we can is pivotal, the HubSpot app does just that, so whether you want to check in on the data or need customer contact info on your way to a meeting then they've got you covered.

10. HubSpot plays well with others

Integrations are important for any business and you can plug in a huge variety to work in collaboration with HubSpot to ensure your ways of working are met without fuss!

11. Keep learning with the academy

You and your team can take advantage of in-platform training on specific subjects to not only grow your business but to help your team grow! These benefits allow business owners to upskill their individuals, this is great for team morale and retention as well.

12. Overview content with calendar view

Stay ahead of the game with calendar view, showing you what is scheduled for the coming days, weeks or months. Content management is a juggling act but HubSpot will help you lay it out so you can easily see what's done and where there are gaps. It really is content organisation made simple.

This is why we love HubSpot because it allows both us and our clients to work more efficiently and more enjoyably. Managing growth can be extremely hard and stressful but it really doesn't have to be when you get your tools and systems to work for you, this is HubSpot's biggest positive, the platforms flexibility and capabilities make it perfect to adapt and align to your vision.

This week HubSpot is hosting its annual Inbound Conference, yep another positive, if you wanted to find out more before taking the plunge then that's a great chance or we are always happy to demo through the platform for people to ensure it is the right fit!

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