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Looking for some hot stuff

When Becky from Eastnor Castle approached Method to cover the 2016 Eastnor Chilli Festival, we leapt at the chance. 



With the job of capturing the spirit of the weekend photographically and creating a video of the whole fiesta, we got very excited. Armed with mouth-soothing yoghurt, a pocket guide to the Scoville heat scale, and our fancy camera kit, we set off to be part of this hugely successful and widely acclaimed event.

Charged with covering all the aspects of Sunday and bank holiday Monday, we put our valuable previous experience into motion: setting out a shot list covering everything Becky was after.



Our event research included careful scrutiny of the previous year’s eye-watering chilli-eating competition with the Clifton Chilli Club, meaning we were not only now hungry but already knew where to head to catch one of the weekend’s highlights.

Saturday afternoon. We set up a GoPro camera on the gatehouse to capture images for a timelapse video of the set up then right across the long weekend.

Early Sunday morning. A quick meeting with Becky to go over any last minute additions, precise timings and logistical specifics to make absolutely sure we’d be in the right place at the right time.

Off we go. Shooting the fizzing festival atmosphere, products, crowds, chefs and stall holders as well as incorporating how the festival and castle have made themselves family and dog friendly.


For the video we wanted a story: from a peaceful establishing scene showing people arriving, accelerating to a thriving hive of activity of the festival in full swing. Then drama. Would Monday’s rain dampen things? Not a chance, as a huge crowd once again suffered on competitor’s behalves, willing participants to put themselves through increasing pain eating ever hotter chillis: until a victor emerged and the day was over!


With over 9000 visitors across the weekend, each sampling mild to excruciatingly hot sauces, jams and marinades, the festival is undoubtedly a beloved event, heaving with a dizzying number of foodies. It was an honour to be asked along and we’re thrilled with the results of our weekend’s work. Next year perhaps Paul might even enter the competition...