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Create convincing copywriting content

Here are five quick tips to help you create captivating and convincing copywriting and content.

Here at Method, we do like a bit of alliteration!

Engage your reader

No matter what copy you are creating, the key is to think about your audience and their needs – not yours.
Remember also, that in this busy digital age we are constantly bombarded with ‘important’ information.

You need therefore to…

Keep it brief

Whether writing a website, a blog, a social media post, an e-shot or a printed brochure, the key is to keep your initial wording brief. You’ll need eye-catching headers and page titles too. Within a website or brochure for example, keep the upfront copy short but then encourage the reader to explore further. You can then expand your word count on supplementary pages.

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Give them what they need

Get the user benefits across quickly. If the reader can see that you understand them and have a solution to their problems, they’ll be keen to follow up.

Use natural wording

Aim to have a warm conversation with your reader using ‘you’ rather than ‘we’ language. Aim also to use language they feel familiar and comfortable with.

Make the call to action easy

Ensure your call to action is easy to use and also, that when they do get in touch, they’ll get a quick response.

Like to know more?

Then we can help.

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