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Method Design take to the skies

“Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby…”

Well, the wait is over and the goggles are on. We’ve studied hard, attended ground school, passed our exams and flight assessment, and obtained our Permission for Aerial Work certificate.

All of which means we are now fully licensed to put on our remote pilot flight suits, and send our drone camera gliding up into the air.

It gives us a new and exciting way to capture photos and video from that most exhilarating of perspectives: the sky.

Using our DJI Phantom 3 Professional with a 4K video camera, we can get super high quality video imagery and even shoot 12 megapixel still images. Skimming just below the clouds, we can sweep across your event at dawn as the vans unload, soar up the frontage of your premises, or hover over the Malverns to pan across a whole town. Whether you're an Estate Agent who wants to show your team stood in the heart of town, an Architect who wants to show off her latest skyscraper or a Window Cleaner whose ladder can't reach high enough, we’ll go into the sky for you.

Customers love video. Getting people to click a dry text link to your page on Twitter is like flapping your arms in the hope of taking off. Give them a clip to watch, and you’re airborne. Aerial photography is the crème de la crème: it's why Countryfile, House of Cards, and even Bake Off all use it as glossy establishing shots and cutaways. It is aspirational, even breathtaking - and now can be yours.

Working to Civil Aviation Authority rules, we will endeavour to use our newfound skills to get the very best broadcast-quality shots for you to use online, in print, and in videos to promote your business.

Maverick, Iceman and co. needn't worry though, as we won’t be using heroic manoeuvers, fly-bys or 4G inverted dives, because a smooth journey gets the best results. So relax, sit back and enjoy flying with Method.