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Why use a qualified drone pilot?

It was one of the most wanted presents of Christmas 2015

And its popularity hasn't waned. Prices range from £15 for a mini version, to thousands of pounds for a sturdier set up: all-singing, all-dancing and literally all-flying.

It is of course: The Drone.

Anyone can fly one - although those who have inadvertently flown a toy into the neighbour's garden, the dishwasher, or granny’s neatly coiffured blue rinse will know there are varying levels of skill. But you may not know that everyone must fly within laws enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority. And it's clear to see why.

A simple search of BBC News and YouTube will throw up hundreds of instances of illegal flying, incredibly dangerous manoeuvres and drone crashes. These machines nose-diving may hurt your wallet but more importantly could seriously injure you or someone else. Unqualified commercial users are breaking the law, won’t be insured, and could expose you to hefty fines.

This is why using qualified pilots is a must for commercial drone photography projects. Qualified pilots:

  • Have studied how to operate drones within the law, abiding by navigational orders and guidance laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) gaining a Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ)
  • Have gained the Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) certificate
  • Have public liability insurance
  • Have carefully created a CAA approved operations manual, setting out procedures to fly as safely as possible.

The peace of mind that getting a professional to shoot the footage you require is priceless.

James and I at Method Design are both qualified drone pilots and also have an eye for great framing and angles. So if it’s just a few aerial photos or a full-length promotional aerial video, we’re here to help.

See what we can offer for your aerial photography and video needs