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How we've dramatically streamlined and significantly improved internal processes

‘Behind the Madness’ celebrates one year and ten episodes of successful podcasting!

Originally launched to pursue our mission of helping people at the same time as offering practical solutions to unlock client potential, we have developed the series and it now reaches more people than ever. With our latest podcast instalment, the tenth, method owner, founder, and ‘Behind the Madness’ creator James Roberts reflects on how the inbound marketing, sales, and cloud-based customer relationship management platform HubSpot has dramatically streamlined and significantly improved internal processes.

In an unscripted recording, James muses on how partnering with HubSpot has maximised Method's efficiency and productivity. Essentially acting as a full-time member of staff, albeit one that never takes sick leave or holiday, HubSpot can follow up on potential leads and emails, optimising business processes.

Collaborating with Hubspot for five years, James discusses how this software setup helps his team to work smarter, increasing the teams capacity to manage administrative processes and thereby freeing him up to concentrate fully on managing clients and creative projects. In addition, Hubspot has transformed Method's day to day functionality, offering invaluable insights into, quite simply, what works and what doesn't. Levelling up the pros and cons of different approaches, from affordability to accessibility, this intelligent discussion is both heartfelt and progressive. Drawing on James' expert experience of the marketing and software industry, this poignant piece offers access to all areas of Method HQ, reflecting on how valuable HubSpot's integration has been to the brand's success.

We thoroughly value your feedback, so please get in touch to give your honest opinions on how useful this latest podcast has been to you and your colleagues.

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