Reduce energy bills with solar road technology

This video shows how we can use current solar power technology to reduce energy costs and a whole lot more...

“Solar Roadways” is a modular paving system of robust, intelligent solar panels that can withstand a huge weight of over 100 tons. Any space open to the sun is ripe for harvest using this technology.

The smart, micro-processing, interlocking hexagonal solar units meet all the criteria required for public thoroughfares and are easily installed onto roads, airstrips, parking lots, driveways, pavements, cycle-paths or playgrounds. They are modular units, so are easily replaced - no more costly re-surfacing. The panels generate electricity, paying for themselves but also powering homes and businesses connected via driveways and car parks. There are myriad other applications that can utilise this power – the video highlights a few – the possibilities are enormous!

Features include: Heating elements within the panel to allow roads to stay snow/ice free, LEDs to make changeable road lines and signage, Cable Corridor to store and treat storm-water and carry power and data cables. If you really want to see the future, take a few moments to view this video.