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Save time and money with automation

No one likes wasting time. Especially not on small tasks. As we get older, it becomes more obvious just how precious time really is.

If time is racing at breakneck speed (and if a great portion of it is spent at work) then it makes sense to spend it on valuable, productive tasks.

When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to be doing is repetitive, mind-numbingly boring tasks. It uses up large chunks of precious time amidst a busy schedule, causing our workload to become blocked up as well as our mindsets. Not only that, but it’s expensive. Delegating heavy task loads on to employees means needing to hire more staff to do the same jobs to even out the workload. But with a little help from AI, you can spend your time and money more wisely.

Introducing automation

That’s where automation comes in. By using a CRM and introducing automation into your company, you can completely revolutionise not just individual job roles, but the whole business itself.

The power of automation is drastically changing the way we work, and not just for marketing. It’s a multi-industry-wide tool which has saved businesses weeks’ worth of time, and stacks of money.

Automation is your hardest working employee. It works around the clock. It ticks off those boring (but necessary) tasks, and it never needs a break.

Automation will:

  • Leave time for more important things, like decision making
  • Optimise employee work time
  • Organise your key data and information
  • Save stacks of money, with a high ROI
  • Not fail (AI’s algorithms leave no room for human error)

Automation varies in intelligence, depending on which tasks you’d like it to take care of. The types of

automated tasks are split into varying levels of complexity, ranging from basic tasks to intelligent.

  • Basic tasks: Repetitive and continuous tasks like invoices and notifications
  • Advanced: Tasks which happen regularly but require some sort of approval or tweaking
  • Intelligent: Smarter, more complex tasks like payment calculations and processing lengthy paperwork

(IBM, 2020).

Saving money

Some businesses crumble when they don’t adapt quickly enough to match the speedy developments in technology.

Normally, it’s because businesses are running on old methods, so operational change isn’t as welcomed. Or sometimes, the financial aspect can make automation seem like an unattractive choice. However, implementing automation into your saves a ton of money – both short term and long term.

For starters, you’re no longer paying your employees a wage to cover the long, tedious duties that automation takes care of. This means they can focus on the more human side of their job, like communicating with individual clients, designing, creating, or managing.

And secondly, you’re saving money on the time that would be spent fixing any human errors. Automation single-handedly covers all of the repetitive tasks without any blips, so you don’t have to fork out on expensive fixes or waste time problem solving.

Giving you back time, lots of time.

Time is invaluable. Optimising your time at work increases your business’s output. It’s what helps you grow. 

After all, having the time to make calculated, tactical decisions is what drives your whole business forward. Rushing these decisions can be fatal. With the gift of automation, you’ll maximise your time dedicated to planning your next moves and managing your business.

And the great thing about using AI platforms for automation? It’s not strictly set to one area of your business. It can handle a whole range of different things using the same system. The same software can simultaneously handle accounts, invoices, email notifications, data collection, as well as sales and marketing communications.

In this sense, automation allows your business to run like a well-oiled machine. It’s a dominant cog in the operational wheel, and once you implement it – you’ll never be without. Automation becomes part of the furniture, and just as your employees learn and develop – so does automation. These systems become the bread and butter of your operations.

Looking for quality automation software? Let us introduce you to our good friend, HubSpot.

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