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The cost-effective way to improve your website

Are you responsible for a website that has not been updated for some time?
Are you perhaps thinking about commissioning a new one?

Hold fire before purchasing a new website because here’s a cost-effective way to get the very best benefit from what you already have.

A fresh approach

We’re going to talk here about ‘Growth Driven Design’.

It’s a pretty straightforward concept.

Growth Driven Design is all about taking an existing website (particularly an old or underperforming one) and, rather than binning it and starting afresh by a designing a new one, getting the very best value from what you’ve got.

See, we told you it was pretty straightforward!

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Driven by the metrics

It’s all about making small step improvements based on your website’s analytics.
These days website analytics are amazingly insightful and can drill down into a huge amount of detail.
They enable you to see not only the website pages that have been visited but also the follow-on actions your visitors have taken (or not).

With some technologies, like HubSpot we can track leads around the site, understand where they came from, and even be notified when a lead revisits the website.
It’s scary in some ways, but it’s fantastic information for marketers.

Improvements based on science

Then, once you have all the facts and figures at your fingertips, you can uplift what works on your site and improve (or perhaps even turn off) what does not.

Even a few small content changes may significantly boost your website’s performance.
You then adopt an approach of constant appraisal, analysis and improvement.


There’s another convincing reason to adopt a Growth Driven Design approach - and that’s the money.

Scrapping an old website and creating a new one will cost you thousands of pounds.
It will take months to get everything right and then, when it goes live, you can start to track visitors and hope all the hard work pays off.
Making incremental changes to what you already have (rather than spending a significant sum once every three years) enables you to spread the cost.

Here’s what James has to say about Growth Driven Design -

'The traditional web design model is totally broken, it pretty much always goes over budget, over time and even when it’s built you have to wait with bated breath to see results. Once these results start coming in, you can start to tweak. Why not change what you have? or start with the bare minimum website to start getting results quickly.'

Method has the expertise

We can do all the number crunching and updates mentioned above and we can pull out even more useful detail by putting fresh analytic tracking codes onto your website site and running A/B Tests.
A/B testing is the process of monitoring two different website pages or elements.

For example, one page/pathway on your website may say ‘click here to download our free offer’ and another may say ‘click here to book a meeting.’
A/B Testing shows you which is the most used and you can then improve accordingly.

This really is all about taking the guesswork out of it.

The most important thing

At the end of the day Growth Driven Design enables you to see where your business is coming from or not coming from.
And when it comes to lead generation marketing; it does not get more fundamental than that.

Like to know more?

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