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The importance of your website, your global store

Websites offer brands the opportunity to showcase their most prestigious accolades. A solid online presence translates to increased revenue and an enhanced reputation. Many companies underestimate the impact a website can have on custom and growth.

Most customers and investors will visit a website before forming an opinion about a brand. If that website looks dated, poorly designed and neglected, this will inevitably impact the brand negatively and then ultimately irrevocably. The primary motives which lead to brands failing to activate their potential, maximising their reach through the management of an active and current website, is fear and intimidation.

Technology moves fast, and website building software can appear complicated. The good news is, there are numerous ways to learn about building a website yourself, courtesy of Youtube and Google. There are also plenty of straightforward open-source software sites which build beautiful bespoke websites, such as HubSpot and WordPress, along with website designers and agencies available to create a beautiful bespoke site. You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression, so make it great and then remain unforgettable.

In this feature, we discuss the ways a great website will benefit your brand.


Customers will automatically investigate the credibility of a brand when researching a purchase. Every reputable and successful product or service will inevitably represent itself with an intuitive and innovative online space. Failure to level up to competitors offers other brands an opportunity to swoop in and steal a potential sale. If Google yields zero results, a product or service will feel untrustworthy and potentially illegitimate. There are plenty of brands attempting to scam naive buyers. If a product or service looks suspect, buyers actively avoid it. Still, they may alert others to discrepancies between who a brand claims to be in real life and how they represent themselves online. Ensure these two elements are watertight, or doubt will seep into consumers minds about a brand's credibility and integrity. Websites speak directly to audiences, depicting brands and products' authenticity, offering contact details, the brands story, and accurately portraying the specific aesthetic a brand intends.

Provide answers to questions the audience didn't think to ask.

Think of a website as a sales pitch to a vast audience. As opposed to waiting for questions to be asked at the end of a pitch, anticipate what piques a consumer's interest, pain points, and preferences on price and customer service. By offering transparency on a product or service's specifics, greater traction is gained from potential leads. Websites elevate a brands prestige effortlessly, showcasing its best attributes in copy, together with an intelligent design and user-friendly navigation. Audiences will equate these online attributes with the quality of a brand.

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Increase Visibility

The immediate benefits to having a website are increased visibility through enhanced SEO optimisation. Once a product or service has established an online presence, search engines will suggest and promote the brand's website organically. Once Google recognises a brand, profitability rises in line with click through's, exponentially. For every click on a paid result in Google, there are 11.6 clicks to organic results. Around the world, 167 billion searches are conducted on Google each month.

Let Your Website Do The Work For You

Strategise website copy and design to answer the most frequent questions customers have about a product or service's workings. By cutting out time wasted on quickly answered baseline questions, audiences are free to research the unique selling points a brand has to offer. Including website sections such as 'about' and 'FAQ', website visitors are educated about the brand. Anticipating pain points and delivering solutions to common problems, a website is open for business 24/7, attracting new business around the clock. Failure to have a website that works well can lose potential sales, with customers opting in favour of competition hosting informative, aesthetically pleasing websites which might not be superior. Use your website to announce updates, feed all your socials content through the website to marry all activity cohesively. The more frequently you post on your channels, the more brand engagement will evolve, and the more interactive your website will feel.

Digital Marketing

Banner ads can be an effective way of increasing website traffic. Considered the most visible form of online advertisement, click through rates and tracking is also more accessible through this digital marketing strategy. The ROI from the investment of banner ads and other various digital marketing strategies such as content, email or social media strategies is considerable. Without a website to anchor a digital marketing strategy to any potential leads will fall flat. Envision a website as the place for new leads to come home to roost. Lead your audience to the website to allow them to learn and potentially invest in your brand.

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