Value your photos!
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson Jan 19

Value your photos!

Where is your favourite photo? It's probably languishing in your phone’s photo album, or perhaps has made it as far as your tablet’s wallpaper.

It’s a photo of your children, a favourite holiday spot or a pet trying to eat your TV remote. And you’re rightfully proud of it: the composition, colouring and focusing may all be spot on.

Most photos we take are now on a smartphone simply because it’s always with us. The consultants Deloitte reckon 90% of photos shared online will have been taken on one. That’s about 2.5 trillion images. Trillions more never even escape from the vaults of people’s phones. If they are transferred to a computer, they aren’t ever printed, let alone framed in your home.

If you’ve got a photo you love, it’s worth giving it pride of place by getting it printed at a photo shop or online, buying a frame to match, and getting it up on your wall. Being a photographer my house’s walls are coated in photos of treasured moments: my family, special places we’ve visited like the wild Devon coast, and scenes I’ve enjoyed capturing in their best light such as a the RSC glowing at night. My favourite is of my son in a wedding suit, with a very cheeky look on his face. It’s pride of place in the living room for all to see.

The point is a great image should be shown to the world, just like your business should be shown off to its full potential. Professional photos enhance the look of your company whether online, in printed literature or on the wall of your office. Headshots for social media and press releases, office and building photos, and product photos will all help you give the look that your company deserves.

Method Design offer this service and more. We cover all bases in company photography, whether you want to give a consistent look to your staff profiles or to give your products a boost with crystal clear, pin sharp photos.

 Bring your world into focus with Method photography.

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Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson, Blog Writer

Paul is our senior photographer and videographer with many talents, including avoiding ironing. He comes from a press photography background meaning he can handle fast deadlines and is used to shooting in a wide range of settings. Paul is also a qualified UAV pilot and drone operator.