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What have you been looking at?

The last thing you looked at was most likely a photograph; be it a photo on the website or a photo in an advert or even a photo on your phone. More often than not, that photo will have been of a person.

The key to catching someone’s eye is to place a photo of a face next to what you want them to look at; the human brain recognises faces so will automatically be attracted to the image. Even if it’s just for a second, that maybe all that’s needed to get the viewer to look a little closer.





Websites, catalogues, adverts without people can be boring - we all like to look at faces - after all that’s what we do all day long!

A company website without images of people can be uninteresting, impersonal and unattractive.

By featuring your staff on your company material, your customers get to know the people with whom they are communicating. It brings a personal feel to the whole experience, and makes the client or potential customer feel important, cared for and appreciated!

We offer a package for your company that will personalise your marketing in the manner outlined above. We will visit your offices and spend time photographing the location, building, staff, machinery/products and working environment. Social network profile shots can also be taken of each member of staff and board members, creating a consistent, high quality bank of expertly lit photographic material with which to promote your Company and its assets.

Move away from generic stock images and make your Company and employees stand out above the rest by using professional, high quality, Company-specific media.