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Rest: Why it's important for every professional

It’s the time of year when we all wind down to spend time with family and friends, however, the gift of rest shouldn’t be just for Christmas. Rest should be a considered part of our life, to help improve our working life. Too many times we hear the saying 'I'll sleep when I die' and we are forced to think that we should work all the time. With our advances in technology with emails being next to us 24/7 and bosses who email late expecting a reply, we feel we should be working all the time.

Science however has now proved that this isn’t the case and rest should be made a priority which can also improve and maximize the hours we do work.

Rest doesn’t actually have to be sleep either, rest can be anything that focuses your mind on an activity. Some top flying CEOs actually rock climb!

Our podcast below looks at some human hacks I use to improve my day-to-day life and how I maximize my productivity through using rest. 


Finding a balance between home life and work is more important than ever, with many of us working from home, but this way of working should also help you find time to rest.

The main thing to get over from my point of view is rest isn't being lazy, but rest is an important tool to increase human performance at work.

During this Christmas period see how you can hack your life and prioritize rest.

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