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Behind The Madness talks buyer personas

After a short break, Method’s owner and founder James Roberts, returns to our airwaves for his latest episode of ‘Behind The Madness’. 

Focussing on the psychology behind the principal drivers influencing sales and engagement with customers, James discusses the importance of fully appreciating your typical personas and making the necessary changes to meet their individual requirements; It’s a relatively simple science when you know-how. 

James deconstructs the formulas which will allow you to reconstruct your company’s own individualised buyer personas in a straightforward, comprehensible way. 

This episode of ‘Behind The Madness’ sheds an illuminating spotlight on how a semi-fictional representation of your typical customers will allow you to predict trends in marketing, improve on your weakest areas of sales and resonate effectively with your buyers. 

From learning the most effective ways of gathering quantitative and qualitative data, (including one to one interviews and CRM analysis) to identifying the demographics of where, how, when and why your customers are motivated to invest in your brand.

Focussing on the ambitions of your business and the pinch points that keep your customers awake at night, James uses his expertise to help you create content that breaks down barriers with customers. 

Understanding your buyer’s personas will transform statistics to the real-life metrics underpinning how businesses like yours typically operate, switching the conversation from ‘how to make more money’ to ‘how to connect with your audience in a more personable way’. 

Breakthrough the barriers preventing prospective new customers from investing in your business by pressing ‘play’ on our ‘Methods’ monthly podcast. 

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