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Helping Crimson grow from the inside out!

Technology and recruitment company Crimson attribute the hard work of their innovative team to the growing success and strong reputation of their business.

Citing empathy as a key feature of the company’s ethos, integrity, quality and accountability are all demonstrated daily by the Crimson workforce. Aspiring to reaffirm their employee's self-belief and recognise individual strengths, Crimson commissioned design agency Method to create a team-building exercise to bring their workers altogether and recognise the benefits of clear communication, motivation and lateral thinking.

Alongside this activity, a video, conceptualised to empower the employees of Crimson and encourage thoughtful reflection upon the positive working environment they all contribute was produced by Method.

Identifying Method's relaxed and personable aesthetic as an organic fit for Crimson’s friendly, person-centred approach to business, the partnership proved highly successful. Method were granted complete creative license on the project. Allowing colleagues at Crimson to learn about how essential transparent and friendly communication is to efficient productivity, the video and team building exercise was a chance for the team to bond in the workplace.

Method’s team building exercise encouraged workers to think ‘inside’ the box.

See the video below.


Gathering all the workers together into a board room, then gifting everyone a box, colleagues discovered they each held a jigsaw puzzle piece. With no instructions nor a pieced together picture to guide them, each worker discussed the colours and shape of their jigsaw puzzle piece to decipher where to place their segment. Quickly establishing a pattern of identifying and arranging, the exercise encouraged laughter, friendly chat and positive energy.

The fragmented image, once complete, was a portrait of inspirational and ambitious leader Winston Churchill, placed alongside the text: ‘With great power comes responsibility’.

Both satisfying and constructive, the team demonstrated excellent collaborative skills. Strategising effectively, working positively with a leadership style, focussing on problem-solving and demonstrating vision with forward planning, if each team member had not effectively shared details of their puzzle segment within this activity no end goal would have been achieved.

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A simple but profound way of allowing co-workers to see the value in investing and understanding the role of their colleagues and their projects, this informal approach to learning invited much positive feedback. Method were commissioned to work on this project at a time of structural change happening within Crimson, a chapter in the company's progress which would rely upon the continued partnership of team members.

Directing and producing a short film to follow on from the team-building exercise, Method delivered a powerful message about community, support and friendship. Just over one and a half minutes long, the emotive and poignant film discussed the spirit of progress when working as a team.

Referencing the ever-changing and challenging politics happening within modern society, discussing issues that can fracture relationships, Crimson passed a heartfelt tribute to the exceptional employees who lead their business forward, empowering team members. Meaningful, calming and affirming this short film shows the lessons taught through this jigsaw exercise.

Allowing the audience to engage interactively with the subject matter, then communicating Crimson’s appreciation directly through a spoken narrative, the power of recognition is an inspiring tool for businesses to feedback to their workers, allowing them to feel their work is acknowledged and that they are valued.

The project was executed with subtle emotional language and effective imagery but what resonated most was that a closer more effective workforce can be achieved simply, which will profoundly empower the team to work harder and communicate better moving forward.


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