Here be (nice) dragons

Design goes hand-in-hand with brands’ infancy, as new fantastic ideas surface and go in search of a logo, a website or even packaging. As a result, it can sometimes feel like the Method Office is the set of Dragon’s Den: getting exciting sneak previews of emergent ideas for products and apps. Just without the empty cotton mill. Or sour faces. Or millions of pounds.

The latest hot new idea to zing into Method’s office comes from sisters Kavita and Naina Varma from Walsall: and it’s a tasty one. Already big promoters of healthy eating, they’ve realised that encouraging good habits can start young. Very young indeed, in fact, because they’ve branched out into making their own baby food…



My Tiny Tums is frozen as soon as it’s prepared, which means nothing has to be added to preserve it. So rather than scouring the ingredients list for sodium benzofluoridehate, you can just put the all-natural ingredients into a microwave.

With young family around, Method is loving the Indian spice mixes, from Super Saag to Yummy Kicheree. But of course you don’t have to have a dragon’s flame-retardant mouth to enjoy them: they’re for little humans over 6 months old after all. And there are more flavours in the pipeline, like Very Veggie Stew, which has a British twist.



We’re proud to be working with My Tiny Tums, and have designed all the branding, the pots’ packaging in bright natural colours, and even created the bespoke, not-from-stock illustrations.

So, “We’re in,” with a stake of 100% enthusiasm. The question is: will you go halves with us and share the Scrummy Cous Cous?

(Just remember you’re supposed to feed it to your baby, not yourself.)




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