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Lego superhero winner

A while back we ran a competition to create a Lego superhero minifigure, we asked for your ideas, what power should they have, what sort of costume and would they be worthy of a cape.

We had a lot of entries that ranged from the weird to the wonderful! 

Leading Lady who mixed the powers of Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and mischievousness of Harley Quinn wearing black shorts over leaf printed leggings with a blue and black slashed top with kick-ass boots, Swift Wing as crusader with super speed, a female version of Batman.

Our winner though was created by Tom Coles, called Night Sleeper. A superhero that all parents wished they could call upon. His superpower is to help tired parents turn their non-sleepy babies and children into snoring bundles. 


The costume, a blue baby grow covered in ZZZs with a utility belt of milk filled baby bottles and throwable dummies.

We accessorised Night Sleeper with a milk bottle and cuddly bear to finish the look off.

We’re really happy with how he turned out and have mounted him in his own superhero frame.


Our creative director James thinks the figure is great and found it hard to giveaway, but give it away we must, to the winner Lego fan Tom who is thrilled with his newest Lego addition.


Tom Lego Winner 2