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Marketing managers – stop doing these four pointless things

Here are a few things that some marketing professionals do - but we think would be better off, not doing.

This is all about ensuring that your marketing activity is always cost effective and generates cracking leads.

Please do not think of this as a criticism by the way - we’ve certainly made plenty of mistakes just like these ourselves in the past - it’s just that we have now found better (and usually more technologically-driven) ways to generate fresh customer enquiries.

We’d be very pleased to share them with you.

OK, here goes.

1: Don’t just talk about ‘you’

To put it simply, we advise people to stop telling their potential customer about who they are and what they do.
Seriously, they’re really not interested! Instead, your potential customers need to know about the benefits your services and products will bring them - and overall, how you’re going to make their lives easier. You must therefore, really understand the problems your customers face and then show them that you are here, to take the pain away.

2: Don’t just throw stuff out there

The days of ‘carpet bombing’ marketing is long-gone. 

Instead, lead generation marketing is much more effective when it focuses on a small number of targeted customers. The key way to do this is to create ‘buyer personas.’  Buyer personas really nail down your very best potential customers, enabling you to find out where they are - and then start to build a relationship with them.

See for yourself why 60,500+ customers trust HubSpot to bring their marketing  team, tools, and data together in one place.

3: Don’t just give them information

Instead, give them something (for free) that they will value and benefit from.

Yep, this is about giving your expertise away for nothing 

Don’t worry however, this will pay off later.

So, what might this be? Well it could be a batch of useful blogs on your website, it could be a free download such as an informative ebook, it may be ready to use business templates or handy apps - or it could be a complimentary guest slot in a webinar.

Freebies such as these show your potential client that you come from a starting point of wanting to help them succeed - rather than simply trying to flog them something.

4: Stop doing it laboriously, all by yourself

This is all about using automated marketing technology. Here at Method we are especially fond of the excellent HubSpot marketing platform

We are an official HubSpot Partner and this enables us to help you:

  • Identify your very best customers 
  • Put together (all in one place) your marketing content, so it’s ready to go out
  • Programme the process and the timescale for sending everything out 
  • Keep track of leads and customers through the buyer’s journey
  • Keep on top of all the returns and track your successes.

As a growth agency, this is exactly what we do and when doing this, we often become a key support partner (and friend) to busy marketing managers and marketing directors.

So, if you’d like someone on your side and access to the very latest tech to drive everything, arrange a free 30-minute kick-off chat - and we’ll add in some helpful hints and tips along the way.

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